Blood, Loss And What I Wore At New York’s Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

Hungry for queer drama? Well, if you happen down to New York‘s West Village this summer, definitely check out the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity  at Culture Project running May 30-June 24. The festival offers more than 30 productions, including several productions with strong LGBT issues, and benefits a number of worthy causes to boot.Among this year’s gay-themed shows is Stephen Davis’ daring and topical musical, A Dance for Rylie, a based-on-a-true-story drama about the hardship gay couples can face when confronting illness and discrimination. Still wounded from a bad breakup, Rylie finds himself falling for hopeless romantic Matthew. Vut as Rylie’s health declines, Matthew finds himself confined to the lobby during what could be his partner’s last moments.  The show runs June 1-19 and a collection for New York’s Ali Forney Center will be taken at all performances.

Then there’s Ashley Jacobson’s The American Play, about two college students, Luis and Tim, who bond over the nihilistic sexism of queer novelist Brett Easton Ellis’ American Psycho and run havoc across campus. Invoking the specter of Columbine, it’s a look at how friendship can be dangerous in an increasingly sociopathic society. Donations will be taken for Sanctuary for Families, a nonprofit assisting victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking. The American Play runs June 4-23.

Staging June 8-23, The Taint of Equality (or I Want Your Sex), by award-winning playwright Duncan Pflaster, is an all-male satire about the modern gay man. Despite having an open relationship, Adrian and Javier have never slept with anyone else. So they decide to sow their oats, “with hilarious and erotic results.” Befitting the show’s name, there is nudity.

The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity  runs at Culture Project in New York from May 30 to June 24.