Gay Dollars

Bloomberg is Ready to Suckle the Teat of NYC Gay Marriage Goers

Only days after the New York State senate voted to make the Empire State the 6th in the nation to allow gay marriage, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is chomping at the bit to get those gay dollars. The city’s marketing office is rolling out a new campaign, “NYC I Do,” which hopes to attract connubial-eager homos to the most populous city in the United States to hurry up and get hitched.

A spokeswoman says that it “will create millions of dollars in additional economic impact to the city’s $31 billion tourism industry.” And chances are, they are right. A group of Democratic state senators issued a report before the vote which found that New York stood to reap $391 million from gay marriage over the course of three years. Not too shabby.

As of June 24th, New York will be the most populous state to legalize same-sex marriage and the country is expecting to double the amount of gay marriages that currently exist. So how about it? Are you taking a Greyhound ‘cross the Hudson-River line to get hitched? If so, visit to hear more as the details of “NYC I Do” roll out. And, Bloomberg, just so you don’t feel presumptuous, our teat is in desperate need of some suckling and we’d be happy to breast feed the economy with our yummy gay dollars. Drink up!

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