Bloomberg Squashes Pridefest Move

Gay pride loving non-profit Heritage of Pride isn’t feeling so gay after Mayor Michael Bloomberg killed their dreams of moving their annual event to Chelsea. For fifteen years, HOP has produced a fag-flavored fair to coincide with New York City’s gay pride. For years, participants have gathered on Greenwich Street to distribute information, condoms and good will. Unfortunately, Greenwich Street isn’t the most accessible of Manhattan’s many streets. Nor is it the most well maintained – potholes pock the narrow street.

For this reason, HOP officials filed a request to move the event to Manhattan’s gay ghetto, Chelsea. The group enlisted over sixty neighborhood businesses, non-profits and the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce to support the move. Despite this backing – not to mention the Community Board’s unanimous support – the mayor’s office refuses to endorse the relocation. Nor do they recognize Heritage of Pride’s proud heritage of producing the event.

The group will hold a meeting tomorrow at the LGBT center to discuss the event’s future. With no permit, however, it looks like it may be the end of the road for Heritage of Pride.

For more information on Heritage of Pride, check out their website.