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Blow to 2010: Voters Don’t Want Prop 8 Repeal Next Year


Equality California already decided to wait until 2012 to mount a Prop 8 ballot repeal effort. But the Courage Campaign, saying it was listening to the will of its members, plans on moving forward with a 2010 effort. But did anyone ask what voters want? Yes, supposedly, because both groups shelled out substantial cash on polling efforts. But here’s the latest: While a majority of Californian voters want gays to be able to marry, an even larger majority don’t want to deal with the issue next year.

Some 51 percent of voters are on board with same-sex marriage in the state; 43 percent opposed, according to a new Los Angeles Times/USC poll, which interviewed 1,500 registered voters over over one week ending Nov. 3. But 60 percent don’t want to see the issue on the ballot in 2010.

The good news, then, is that 51 percent is a larger figure than the 48 percent of voters who supported “No On 8” in 2008. The bad news is those same voters who are for marriage are also, evidently, comfortable letting you wait for it. And then, there’s the test of time: While older voters favored holding off beyond 2010, it was younger voters who approved of an immediate ballot effort.