$400K For Special Election

Bob Allen Demonstrates Closet’s High Cost

Now that toilet troll Bob Allen has resigned his Floridian Republican seat, it’s up to voters to find an appropriate replacement. And they’re going to pay the price:

It could cost taxpayers more than $400,000 to elect a replacement to serve the remainder of Rep. Bob Allen’s term in the Florida House.

But state Republican leaders and colleagues, who pressured the disgraced seven-year lawmaker to resign, and potential candidates hoping to replace him said Monday that it will be money well-spent.

“It’s certainly unfortunate that the cost is what it is,” said Erin VanSickle, a spokeswoman for state GOP Chairman Jim Greer. “But the voters in that district deserve a voice in the House of Representatives and shouldn’t have to wait.”

Bob Allen should have to pay that. Or maybe the Republican party. They did, after all, try to push him out.