Racist Remarks In The Rubbish

Bob Allen Going To Trial

Bob Allen got some good news and some bad news at a prostitution hearing yesterday. The good news: a judge ruled that Allen’s racist explanation for his arrest cannot be used in a trial. The bad news: there’s going to be a trial.

Allen got nabbed last month after (allegedly) propositioning an undercover cop. The cop arrested him, obviously, but Allen tried to worm his way out of it by saying he feared the black man. Classy. Allen later retracted the statement, but the political damage damage had been done.

Florida’s House Speaker, Marco Rubio, attempted to revoke Allen’s legislative powers. Allen, meanwhile, seems keen on keeping up appearances. “…Allen has repeatedly stated that he has no plans to step down and has indicated he still plans to run for a state Senate seat.”

The heavy-set hypocrite reportedly stayed mum during yesterday’s hearing, whcih set the trial date for September 19th. Allen’s lawyers promise to take it nice and slow: “When you have an innocent client, you don’t want to drag it out.” Great! We want as many dirty details as possible.