"Shocking" Crime Makes Him Look Guilty

Bob Allen Loses His Lunch

Bob Allen’s getting it from both sides. In addition to receiving the cold shoulder from fellow Republicans, toilet cruising Representative Bob Allen’s losing adoring fans!

Rep. Bob Allen, R-Merritt Island, returned to the Capitol this week for the first time since Titusville police arrested him on a sex solicitation charge. Allen is fighting the charge, but House Speaker Marco Rubio stripped him of his committee assignments.

Adding insult to injury, the Q was told that Andrew’s Capital Grill & Bar next door the statehouse removed the gorgonzola burger from itsmenu that was named after him.

“I think they should add tomatoes to it and put it back on,” Allen joked.

Allen’s in pretty good spirits considering that his personal life’s become a punchline and his political career seems doomed. He’s also potentially delusional: “My colleagues have been stellar. I don’t feel like I’m out of the loop at all.” Doesn’t he know he’s being ostracized by everyone around him? Dummy.

One colleague admits it’s the “shocking” nature of Allen’s crime that turned people off. Says Rep. Jack Seiler:

If it was almost any other misdemeanor, he would have been welcomed back to serve without any problem. But because of the shocking nature, it’s like he was presumed guilty until proven innocent.

For us, it was less the “shock” value and more the damning police report.