Defense Sorting Through Potential Jurors

Bob Allen Trial Starts, Stops

Floridian politico Bob Allen’s trial begins today. As you no doubt know, the Republican state representative got nabbed earlier this year for allegedly offering an undercover cop $20 and a blow-job. Though jury selection began a few weeks ago, defense attorneys delayed the trial for a few hours this morning to sift through potentially unbiased candidates:

Jury selection in the sex-solicitation trial of state Rep. Bob Allen was delayed for nearly two hours today as prosecutors and defense attorneys argued over several last-minute motions.

The first 14 potential jurors entered the courtroom shortly before 11 a. m. Brevard County Judge Oscar Hotusing agreed to let Allen’s attorney question them separately about the impact of pre-trial publicity surrounding the case.

Allen got a bit of a gift last month when the presiding judge dismissed some of his arresting statement: “I don’t suppose it would help if I said I was a state legislature, would it.”

Of the trial, which will no doubt be a media circus, Allen’s wife remarked, “Nothing will surprise me. Everything pertaining to this case has been very shocking”. Not least of all the fact that her husband likes cock…