Cop Makes Laughing Stock Of Defense

Bob Allen Trial Starts With Scandal, Sass

Bob Allen’s sex solicitation trial started off on a scandalous note yesterday.

Despite an extensive jury selection, the judge heard troubling news that a juror leaked a predetermined guilty verdict to a blogger friend. Displeased to say the least, the judge pulled the jury aside to ensure a fair trial for Floridian politician Allen, who stands accused of offering a cop $20 and a blowjob.

One of the cops present that fateful day – Leamon Jackson – took the stand yesterday and recalled how Allen “checked” him out before heading to the loo. Allen’s lawyer attempted to defuse Jackson’s testimony.

It blew up in his face…

From Florida Today:

Allen attorney Greg Eisenmenger questioned how Jackson knew Allen was hitting on them.

“What was significant about someone looking at you?” Eisenmenger asked.

“From a men’s restroom? There’s something strange about it,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he knew from a previous experience that men will look or stare at someone if they are trying to hit on them.

Eisenmenger replied, “Officer Jackson, I’ve been looking at you the entire time. Do you think I’m hitting on you?”

“I don’t know. Have you?” Jackson said, triggering laughter among the spectators.

The arresting officer, Daniel Kavanaugh, also took the stand and told prosecutors how Allen approached and propositioned him. Allen’s defense team with take on Kavanaugh today. We’re assuming Allen’s team won’t be offering sexual favors.