Bob Allen’s Black Apology Train Chugging On…

Representative Bob Allen’s going to have a lot of explaining to do at tonight’s general meeting of Florida’s North Brevard NAACP Branch.

A staunch conservative, Allen raised eyebrows last month when he tried to drop trough with an undercover copper, whom Allen also offered 20 bones for oral. As if that’s not reputation damaging enough, Allen then excused his behavior by saying he feared the black cop would rob him, or something. The Florida Civil Rights Association reamed him a new one and called for his resignation. Allen, of course, refused, but did begin an apology tour.

Earlier this month, Allen appeared before the NAACP’s (cough) Cocoa branch and cleared up any confusion. He said the remarks were “taken out of context” and tried to reassure black voters that “I [have] not lost my mind and turned into a racist.” Does this mean you’re a fag?

At least one Cocoa representative believes Allen’s account. Alberta Wilson told Florida Today: “He appeared remorseful. I thanked him for coming.” Ug, we’d have thanked him for going.

While Allen’s timing may seem fishy, North Brevard president Bill Gary says Allen comes ’round his parts every year, “For the past three or four years, he has come to us and talked about the legislative session.” If Allen wants to discus his royal fuck up, that’s fine, but it’s not a requirement, says Gary. Those black folk sure are generous. You know the gays would have Allen strung up by his testicles…