Former Allies, Campaign Funds Say "Yes"

Bob Allen’s Career Going Down The Toilet?

Bob Allen’s gay sex solicitation guilty verdict certainly isn’t winning him any friends – but it is influencing people. Florida’s House Speaker Marco Rubio called for the disgraced Republican to resign. Says the state’s GOP chairman, Jim Greer: “I am confident that Speaker Rubio and the House of Representatives will take steps to uphold the integrity of the office, which may include Rep. Allen’s resignation or other available options.”

Allen ain’t getting any love from the public, either. The politico’s campaign funds haven’t seen a single contribution since July 13th, two days after his arrest for offering a cop $20 and a blowjob.

Despite the verdict, Allen still maintains his innocence: “I am innocent. I have done nothing wrong. My family, my God and my constituents know that and we’re not going to stop until we get that justice.” Sounds like someone has Larry Craig syndrome: stupidity. Sheesh, why can’t more Republicans be like Richard Curtis, who managed to retain a shred of dignity when he resigned.