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Bob the Drag Queen banned from Grindr


Oh, Bob the Drag Queen — you were supposed to be a queen for the people! And considering what sort of behavior is permissible on Grindr, you must have pulled some really shady moves to get banned — banned! — from the app.

So what were Ms. the Queen’s offenses? What depraved hijinks could she have scraped together from the depths of her sick, sick head to raise such a red flag to Grindr’s tireless and chaste moderators?

Well it turns out Bob the Drag Queen had the audacity to represent herself on the grids of Grindr as none other than Bob the Drag Queen.


Needless to say, the whole thing was a bit of a surprise.

And it would appear Bob isn’t the only person getting the Grindr axe for impersonating Bob. It happens to Acid Betty all the time:

One would expect this mix-up to get sorted out promptly, but looks like it’s just not that simple:

But where there’s a will, there is a way:

It’s hard out there for a Drag Race victor: