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Bob the Drag Queen just threw some serious shade at Andy Cohen

Bob the Drag Queen. Via Youtube

“I’ve done Watch What Happens Live. I was on with Kathy Bates and I dressed up like Tina Turner because Angela Bassett was on. They had drag queens dressing up like Tina Turner because Angela Bassett was there. It’s usually like Kathy Bates throughout her film career, or Nene Leakes on different episodes. When Angela Bassett was there they had us dress as this one character she played, in one movie. which was really odd. It would be like if we all dressed like The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Even Angela Bassett was like, what the fuck.. she didn’t say anything. She was too classy to say anything.

I remember leaving saying I’d never do it again. You are a prop; it’s not about celebrating the drag queen. If you’re going to have Nene Leakes on your show and then have these drag queens dress up as Nene Leakes, that’s cool, I guess, but I think there are lots of drag queens who also deserve to sit in that seat. So, when you are a prop you’re kind of treated like a prop. You are literally standing in the corner.

I wouldn’t even do a bartender. I said I would never go back on that show unless I’m sitting in a chair. If I’m not sitting in the chair and Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen is talking to me, I’m not going back on that show. They’ve asked me to impersonate other celebrities and I was like no thank you. Maybe it’s my ego, but I’m not going to go dress up like Nene Leakes after winning RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m not going to do that.”–Bob the Drag Queen, appearing on the podcast Hot Takes & Deep Dives, reliving his frustration with Watch What Happens Live and its host, Andy Cohen. We’re guessing he won’t be doing the show again…