Bob McDonnell’s McHatred: Constitution Doesn’t Allow Gays to Be Protected

When his 20-year-old, 93-page soliloquy on why gays and women are second-class turned up, Virginia’s gubernatorial hopeful Bob McDonnell sought to distance himself from his old way of thinking. Well, not entirely: He made clear he still thought gays didn’t deserve things like protection from discrimination. Earlier this week at a debate, McDonnell, the state’s former attorney general who has support from powerful folks, repeated all of that in case you weren’t listening.

The gist: He’s such a big man that he sees beyond sexual orientation when hiring people, but doesn’t see any reason to be forced to look beyond it when firing them.

For the record, Democratic opponent Creigh Deeds, who trails in polling, says he will renew Gov. Tim Kaine’s anti-discrimination policy that McDonnell opposes.

McDonnell, in sum:

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