Bob Morris’ Worst Nightmare Comes True As IN Girls Scouts Hire Trans Counselor

A few weeks back Queerty reported on Indiana legislator Bob Morris, who refused to sign a proclamation celebrating the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary because, he felt, the group was a “radicalized organization” that promoted abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism.

Well, his head must be exploding right about now: The Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana Michigan (GSNIM) have hired a trans student, Caden Loew (right), to be a counselor.

Loew, a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, has some words for Morris, according to the IPFW Communicator:

“The Girl Scouts do not promote homosexuality—they promote diversity,” says Loew. “In the Girl Scout law we promise to be a sister to every Girl Scout. Not allowing a transgender girl into the Girl Scouts is not very sister like. If a person is biologically a female or identifies as female, they have every right to be apart of the Girl Scouts.”

We totally agree. Only there’s one thing that has us confused: Loew is actually a female-to-male trans and identifies as male on his Facebook page.  He told the Communicator, “the fact that I am a trans man does not make me a bad counselor,” which may very well be true. But we’d think trans men would want to be treated the same as bio men, who can’t join or lead troops.

Otherwise it sounds like Loew is telling the Girl Scouts to ignore his gender presentation and simply think of him as the sex he was born into—which is kind of what Morris wants.

Oy, now our head is exploding.

Photos via Facebook

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  • EmmaMTF

    Trans men GTFO of women’s spaces. You are a man. Why the hell are you a girls’ scouts counselor? It’s hypocritical and a gross abuse of privilege.

  • Mr. Robertson


  • stevoj

    i’m a bit confused. if Caden identifies as male then why is he a Girl Scout counselor? is a counselor different from a troop leader? can men be counselors for the GS?

    this makes no sense…

  • Shannon1981

    Ok then. Caden, you’re a man. I applaud the premise behind this, but all you are doing is confusing people who take issue with gender variance. Why the hell are you in Girl Scouts? I realize the Boy Scouts of America won’t take you, but you don’t belong in Girl Scouts either.

  • JayKay

    Lol, I see the liberal hatred for everything male doesn’t just apply to men with a y chromosome.

  • Jacob

    Have to agree with most of the commenters here. You’re a man, don’t join girl scouts. @JayKay: You dont need to bring politics into EVERY ARTICLE that doesn’t mention anything political. We get it, you hate liberals.

  • Kamuriie

    If trans-people want to be treated as the sex/gender they identify with, why would he want to lead a girl scout troop? Bizarre.

  • Shannon1981

    @JayKay: You are a troll. Anyone, trans or not, who identifies as male has no reason to be with the girl scouts. This isn’t politics, its common sense.

  • cwm

    It makes sense there’d be a rule that Girl Scout leaders should be female.

    However, declaring a Girl Scout function to be “woman-only space” is overwrought PC bullshit. They probably include males–in relatively minor roles–every once in awhile. And haven’t some local Girl Scout groups allowed boys to join?

    What’s next, rules about woman-born-women? That’d be odd: especially after LGBT politicos have been praising Girl Scouts for permitting MtoF trans participants.

  • DenverBarbie

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I do not take issue with this in the slightest. In my six years as a girl scout growing up, I had a plethora of very masculine female counselors at summer overnight and day camps. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if some of them were trans, and just did not identify as such yet. Regardless, butch or femme or somewhere in between or totally elsewhere, the best leaders were compassionate, adventurous, and creative. That’s all we should want to see in GS counselors, and if that’s what Cade possesses- consider yourself in!

    It is all important to note that my troops had unofficial helpers and leaders- husbands and older brothers of troop heads and other scouts. And our troop always did a-ok. :) (I’ve also heard that it is not uncommon for mothers and big sisters to help out at Boy Scout meetings.)

  • DenverBarbie

    OH MY GOD- QUEERTY!!!! Get the goddamn right-wing propaganda ads off of this site! I know you gotta eat, but I’m sure there are several other companies and orgs interested in buying ad space from you. “Help us overturn Roe v. Wade”?!?! If I wanted to be assaulted with this crap, I’d go to Fox News or the Facebook pages of my Mormon relatives!

  • EmmaMTF

    @JayKay: Naw man It’s not man-hate. I say the -exact- same thing to trans women, but it’s less of an issue because it happens less often. Trans men seem to think it’s okay to identify and reap the benefits of being male, but retain the attitude of “I’m an edgy radical but know what it’s like to be female so I can still use women’s spaces”. It’s fucked up. Even prettyqueer agrees. If you pick a gender, stick with it. Otherwise, don’t fuck it up for the rest of us.

  • JayKay


    And in the event that this situation were flipped around, and a MTF woman were made head of a boy scout troop, you would have the exact same objections?

  • Mr. Robertson

    @JayKay: I know I would. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you, as a MTF, are allowed into all-female spaces, then it’s only fair you give up access to all-male spaces.

  • EmmaMTF

    @JayKay: Ex-fucking-actly the same bitch on both sides. It’s one thing to engage in manly activities as a female, but it’s entirely another to step into their areas and abuse your trans status. I’m not talking football games or bars, either. I’m talking about public restrooms, male only schools, boy scouts, etc. It’s fucked up.

  • Cynthialee

    I find my level of inclusive toleance tested to the breaking point on this one.

    If they would not allow a natal man to have that job then they should not give a trans man the job.

    As a transsexual I do not understand why he would want to have a job reserved for a woman. This is not exactly the best way to have your gender respected. If it is just a matter of a pay check then I understand, the economy sucks.

    Part of me wants to support him in this, but it just doesn’t feel right. He is a man. It is womens space.

  • Daez

    You guys know NOTHING about this person. They could have been a girl scout for their entire life and might believe in being one. After all, they grew up female and then became FTM. Why should they be forced to give up what they have been into their whole life just because they have transitioned? Also, I see very little reason why men can’t be involved in the Girl Scouts. Anyone that makes the argument that girls are not safe around older men is sick and discounts the fact that men can make excellent fathers to both male and female offspring.

  • Lesbianreader

    I guess I was wrong in my assesments. Funny thing though, I have only been sexualy victimized by men. Never once was it a woman.

  • jay

    @Lesbianreader: My female babysitter molested me when I was young.

  • Joey

    So I completely get why people are upset. I can’t really argue against what is upsetting you because your right. I guess I feel differently about the situation because I’m more focused on other aspects of it. Like that in the girl scouts right now and for all time really, is a bunch of little girls who will grow up to be men. There has always been butch counselors for them to look up to, but this would provide an alternative. They would see through the girl scouts that they could become, girly girls, butch girls. and girls that grow up to be boys, and all of those are okay. If the hypocrisy is too much for you, I get it, but this one’s just not bothering me.

  • stevoj

    okay, since this thread went to hell and back i googled it my damn self (thanks a lot queens). counselors are not troop leaders so there isn’t much to be confused about

    this is now an post about a man getting a new job. congrats Caden

  • JD

    I was born a man, and I am still a man, and I was a Girl Scout counselor for several years. There is no such rule against adult men joining, working for or volunteering for the Girl Scouts. The only requirement for membership is that you make the Girl Scout Promise, accept the Girl Scout Law, and pay annual membership dues.

  • Jason

    Yeah, uh, I was in denial about being trans for most of my childhood, so I was actually a girl scout for a long time. We always had at least one male counselor at girls scout summer camp and such. It’s not like men can’t be a part of it at all.

  • transmanJ17

    I’m a transguy.. and also a Girl Scout of 9 years. Even though I identify as a guy, scouts was my life growing up.

    The truth about Girl Scouts – I know more LGBT counsellors and camp leaders than straight women!

    I just stick with it because I love the views of the organizations. I hope to one day, like this guy did, lead a troop. It would be an honor to give these girls the same kind of wonderful experience that I had/have had while in scouts.

    Once you join, you are forever a scout.

  • Lisa C

    I see nothing wrong with a trans male to join girl scouts as a leader/counciler since boy scouts and girl scouts are not the same i honestly think since they both r different they should be coed yes with certain rules but there r some boys who rather sale cookies and do arts and crafts and some girls who wanna camp and do out door stuff i see nothing wrong with it at all as long as they dont cross the line or do anything bad who cares if the counciler is male or female as long as they r doing there job.

  • Sara

    @JD: If that’s the case, then queerty ought to clear that up. Because as it is, queerty is seemingly giving our enemies ammunition to use against us.

  • Kelly

    I worked at a girl scout camp and it is not unheard of to have male counselors. The male counselors stay in a different cabin away from the campers at night, but join in the activities during the day. I think it is better for girls to see that there are males that are supportive of the girl scout community, as well as the activities of girls. This can make them feel more confident and comfortable of their endeavors around males as well.

  • Kelly

    @EmmaMTF: At girl scout camps they have separate bathrooms for campers and counselors, they never share the same space. The counselors then make separate times, if needed, for the male to have personal time in the bathroom. There is a strict rule of always having two counselors and campers are always supposed to have a buddy so there is no chance of anyone being alone.

  • Adam

    Some fact checking would have been nice. A simple Google search reveals that men can work as Girl Scouts counselors. Yet instead of doing the most basic research you use the opportunity to attack a trans man. Bravo. A correction is in order.

    “Counselors, both male and female, go through intensive training before girls’ arrive at camp so they can learn to do all the things campers want to do.”

    Also, he’s not the first trans man to work for GS:

    P.S. calling someone “a female-to-male trans” is like calling someone “a gay.” He’s a trans man.

  • Mr. Robertson


    “Some fact checking would have been nice.” Agreed. I wasted some perfectly good outrage on this story.

  • Gwen

    I’ve worked three years at a girl scout camp as a lifeguard and a counselor, and I’ve met a trans guy working at another day camp as a counselor. We’ve also had a few male counselors over the years, who live separately from everyone else, and there’s never been any problems. IDK about girl scout troops because I haven’t been in one since I was little, but at the camps, also long as you’re doing your jobs and are good with the kids, it’s never really mattered what gender you are.

  • Ginasf

    @Kelly: Thanks for the clarification, Kelly. And I think a lot of people are confusing counselors with troop leaders.

  • Joe Krahn

    I was a male Girl Scout leader for two years. I shared a troop with my wife. I was in the US Infantry at the time. I am happy to have been a good male role model for girls who often did not have good male role models.

  • Devin

    Men can MOST certainly be troop leaders!! That is the only issue I find with this article!! BRAVO to the GIRL SCOUTS for teaching acceptance, tolerance, and diversity!

  • Devin

    Wow. Hate much? First off There are plenty of single Dads out there with daughters, they aren’t allowed to participate then?? Because this article is wrong on ONE fact. Men can MOST CERTAINLY BE SCOUT LEADERS. Second I’m raising a little girl with my wife and I’m FTM so should I get out of my own house?? How about you stop judging and learn acceptance. @EmmaMTF:

  • Alexis

    @stevoj: Thank you! Counselors are NOT troop leaders. I’m sure that there are some female counselors for boy scouts, so get over it guys, and be happy for Caden.

  • caden loew

    Hey everyone this is Caden. First I would like to say that I am kind of hurt by some of these comments and assumptions. All I did was speak my mind and do something I love and people are hating on me. I have been involved with the girl scouts my entire life. I went to camp, became a CIT then a counselor. I am not the first male counselor. When I came out as transgender I worked with the camp director to have a new position at the camp. There are rules that I have to follow that any male born person has to follow. However due to some things that have come up with all of the attention I am getting for this I am no longer going to be working at the camp I have been living at for the past 11 summers.

  • cadenmicheal

    and I have no idea how to contact someone about a follow up on this article. So if someone could give me information or someone contact me and I can share what happened at my interview for camp and why I am no longer working at camp.

  • agrleigjssogji

    So. I’m a Girl Scout, have been since kindergarten. I’m a junior in high school at the time of this comment, and I’m applying for a job as a counselor this summer. Because I LOOOOOVE camp, it’s where a good half of my friends are and all of my best memories. Albeit I’m a closet FTM, it’s cool, because for all intents and purposes, right now I’m a girl (just not in my mind, that is). Next summer when I come out and start to transition (because f*ck if I’m transitioning during high school) I will NOT reapply, no matter how much I love scouting and my camp, because I will be (becoming) a guy. Not a girl, and therefore no longer a *girl* scout.

    So this guy, I don’t know what he’s thinking. He is no longer a girl (good for him) and therefore no longer should be applying for a female-only position. At our camp we have guys working in the kitchen, no problem, so it’s not like this Caden bro doesn’t have options, but just not as a counselor.

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