house of unmerciful

Bobby Harris Still Protecting ‘Little Children’ From Gays At His Homeless Shelter

House of Mercy, the homeless shelter in Columbus, Georgia, that’s accused of kicking out two women for being lesbians, isn’t changing its No Gays Allowed policy even after the media firestorm. Bobby Harris, the shelter’s director who previously went on camera to defend Mercy’s Bible-based rules, continues to say the women were ousted for breaking house rules. Writing in a Columbus Ledger-Enquirer public letter, Harris says, “We have learned many lessons over the years and as a result, we have strict standards of conduct, curfew, language, dress and very clear policies on fraternization, regardless of sexual orientation of the parties involved.” What he doesn’t address is whether or not the women were kicked for breaking the rules, Mercy still bars sexually active gays. To counter Harris’ position, WRBL interviews openly gay Pastor Colley Williams, who was kicked out of a number of churches for his sexuality, before deciding to form his own inclusive house of worship. And for every Biblical passage Harris cites to rationalize his discrimination, Williams has one to denounce it.

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