Body of Missing ‘Mo Found

Canadian police have finally found the body of 72-year old British national, Harley Walker. Walker went missing last October and concerned neighbors called the police to investigate. Coppers may not have found Walker, but they found a considerable amount of blood in his house, as well as evidence that a man named David Kenton Reid may have been responsible.

Like so many men, Walker turned to the internet to get his kicks. Police allege that 46-year old Reid – a married father and former investment banker – used a gay sex site to lure old men into his web of deceit. If they’re to be believed, Walker contacted Reid about three months before his death. Reid somehow got access to the elderly man’s bank account, took all he could and then murdered Walker.

An autopsy of Walker’s badly decomposed body shows that he died of a stab wound to the chest. Hardly the penetration he expected when he logged onto that website. But, sadly, one we’re hearing off all too often. If only people could relate face-to-face. What a wonderful – and potentially less scary – world this would be…

Body identified as Harley Walker [The Petersborough Examiner]