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Bodybuilder Tyler Cooke’s Instagram scandal; Hocus Pocus remake materializing; ‘Riverdale’ returns

While you were busy living your best possible life, Men’s Health was busy asking fitness experts whether bodybuilder 21-year-old Tyler Cooke could possibly look as jacked in real life as he does on his Instagram account.

We won’t reveal the gripping conclusion to this muscle mystery, but we will provide a handful of images so you can judge for yourself:

Mini update. 230lbs. Bye. #bodybuilding #21 #gym #fitness #oldschool #beleiveinyourself #ELITE

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Just as people were forgetting about me….i drift on and off social media, ive lost over 8000 followers…but it does not bother me. Ill return for a while now. Ive worked hard, bringing up weaknesses, developing strengths. Trying to keep the waist i had on stage at 18 years old, 174lbs….but at 223 right now. Id expect to be 190-200 contest condition but who knows. Im no where near in condition now however. I have around 25+ weeks before i plan to compete again, so things are only going to get crazier. Im ready to bring the pain. Yes i have a pair of boxer shorts on, and a hat. This is what happens when you havnt had a haircut and you gotta look as neat as possible for your instagram return #bodybuilder #oldschool #shadow #me

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How the hell were you supposed to know your whole life had been leading up to the moment you first heard Lorde cover Phil Collins’ deliriously dark ’80s anthem “In the Air Tonight”?

All the movies you loved as a child, you get to love again as a young adult, a middle-aged adult, and an extremely elderly person.

Next up on the assembly line: Hocus Pocus is officially being remade for the Disney Channel. So, like, abracadabra.

The Boulet Brothers return for season two of their she-larious and creeptastic web series Dragula, in which 10 drag queens compete to see who can be the most inadvisably frightening of them all. Behold!

Judging by the season two trailer, more sinister-sexy antics await on Riverdale — where we’ve been promised plenty of suspense, several homosexy subplots, and perhaps even a supernatural twist.



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