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Bodybuilder/underwear model Arad Winwin opens up about fleeing Iran and his time in Turkish jail

“Living in Iran is not a happy life,” says Arad Winwin, a professional bodybuilder and underwear model. (We’ve featured him before, in a spread featuring David Rest.)

“People are just trying to trying to survive day-to-day. People are denied every type of freedom, personal choice and chance to advance their lives.”

Talking to C+C, Winwin (who’s currently a “Trophy Boy” for Andrew Christian underwear) discusses fleeing the Iranian military when he was 22; a decision that meant leaving all his friends and family behind.

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“I knew I would not be able to have any type of life that would provide me happiness there,” he says.

He escaped through the snowy mountains between Iran and Turkey on foot, and was arrested and imprisoned in Turkey for six months for not having a passport.

“During this time, Turkey was getting ready to deport me back to Iran where I would have been hanged for being a military deserter,” he says.

Though he describes his time in the Turkish prison as “horrible,” it probably saved his life: Inside, he met other Iranians hoping to escape, who tipped him off about the United Nations Refugee Program.

After sending a message to his parents, they reached out to an attorney, who helped Arad get into the program.

“I was accepted into their refugee program because the U.N. knew that I would be killed if I was sent back to Iran.”

Arriving in Dallas, Texas with $300 to his name, Arad didn’t speak any English. He found a low-wage job at an elevator company that he’d have to bicycle to and from every day for three hours. From there, he began go-go dancing.

The U.N. makes refugees repay their airline tickets so I spent the next year trying to pay that off…but at least I was free and I appreciated that Americans have a basic respect for each other which doesn’t exist in Iran. The first night I worked ?dancing ?I made more money than? most people make ?working 4 months in Iran.

I had always wanted to model but that isn’t even a choice in Iran. Unless one follows the strict religious laws you will be arrested.

Asked if he has any words of support for other gay people in similar situations, he says:

For me freedom and happiness are contagious and I want to help spread hope to other LGBT people who must live in any oppressive environments whether it is a small town in the U.S, or with a family that isn’t accepting or in a country like Iran where people aren’t allowed even basic freedom.

He says he wants to ““help make Americans understand that most people from the Middle East are just like you and me…they want to live in peace and freedom and many good people need our assistance.”

You can see more of Arad Winwin in Andrew Christians’ new coffee table book: SEX = POWER = FREEDOM.

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  • ChrisK

    Lord. I got sucked into another AC underwear and book ad. Lol Very creative but once again deceptive.

    • BriBri

      LMAO, I can certainly think of a lot worse things happening. Like premature ejaculation.

  • ChrisK

    I had no idea that Iranians were so hot though. We should give them all amnesty!

    • Xzamilloh

      Okay, settle down.

    • captainburrito

      That made me lol

    • Mykey

      You do realize not all of them are gay?

    • Mykey

      You do realize one hot person isn’t a representation of the whole populace?

    • luvit00

      I thought the same thing… I’ve read this article on other sites and there is never any mention of his porn career. I actually only know him from porn, never knew he also did modeling.

      However, he has an amazing life story!

  • lester_lasa

    Wow what a story hot man

  • Geeker

    So he escaped the tyranny and persecution of Iran and made it to America and freedom…to become a porn star…inspiring.

    • Mykey

      Hahahaha! Only in America! And do all gay “icons” have to have dabbled in porn?

  • Jack Meoff

    Isn’t he a webcam ‘model’?

  • GayEGO

    Very hot guy! May he have love, peace, and happiness in America! Hopefully our new government won’t mess up our LGBT wins!

    • mz.sam

      Agreed. Too many haters commenting….must be Trump supporters.

  • mz.sam

    Great article and a truly inspired story of the day amid Trump’s immigration ban. Arad is my favorite porn actor/model and a damn nice guy!

  • buddy_wilde

    Does Queerty think the only inspiring stories come from people who look like Arad Winwin. Granted he had a bad life in a repressive regime but I think Queerty is doing it’s readers a disservice by always pushing only attractive muscle bound “porn” people as role models; are your writers and editorial board so shallow that they think that’s all their readers care about?

  • pscheck2

    It boggles my mind that the LGBT community backed Obama in his dealings and limped wrist responses to these Muslim countries, knowing that that religion is the most intolerant of religions in how they treat anyone who is homosexual! However , let some Evangelical express their POV of homosexuality, and, lo!, the rant is ear splitting! (At least the Evangelicals don’t behead them! (ha)). lol.

    • unreligious

      Perhaps you need to brush up on history to see just how wonderful Christians have been to gay people. Or maybe just look at current events to see how American evangelicals have fostered kill the gays legalization in Christian African nations. Or you can look to Russia and parts of Eastern Europe where the Orthodox Church is working to outlaw and kill gay people. Or you could do some research into the Muslim groups who support gay people. Of course then you might have to face the reality that things are not so roses on one side and black on the other.

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