Boi From Troy Says Buh-Bye

Scott Schmidt aka The Boi From Troy, one of the gay blogosphere’s more popular gay Republicans, has hung up his blogging shoes for good, he says. Who’s going to oggle over the hot USC football boys now? “Basically, I am over it”, Schmidt tells us, giving this parting bit of advice to other gay bloggers: “Blog about what you are passionate about and listen to your heart. Try to bridge communities together that otherwise would not. Let it go when it becomes a chore, not a hobby!”

Scott tells his readers:

“I had rationalized keeping the blog since last summer on the grounds that I would still be doing some good for my constituencies by blogging until after the election and USC football season were over. Maybe that was a mistake. But now that time has come. My blog-crush, Brian Cushing (pictured) has played his last game at USC and this Trojan is writing his last post on this blog.

As many of my friends will tell you, I am not particularly good at letting things (or ex-lovers) go… So one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to “Let Go” and this is the first step.”

If you’re a Boi From Troy fan in search of a new spiritual home, you should know that Queerty’s editor is called a gay Republican all the time. Also, a pinko liberal commie, racist, closet Mormon, church-hater. We’re all about contradiction here at Queerty.