Bollywood Star Says He’d Shoot His Children If They Were Gay

It appears Indian actor and producer Kamaal Rashid Khan has posted a disturbing message on Twitter indicating he would kill his son or daughter if they came out to him.

“Today I accept [that] if I shall have homosexual son or lesbian daughter then I shall shoot them myself.”

Khan’s no stranger to public notoriety: His 2008 breakout film, Deshdrohi, which allegedly maligned the Marathi population of Mumbai. At the 2008 Golden Kela Awards, the film received the award for Worst Treatment of a Serious Issue.

In 2009, as a contestant on the reality show Bigg Boss, Khan was prematurely evicted after verbally abusing one housemate and throwing a water bottle at another.

Truly a prince among men.

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  • GreatGatsby2011

    “Worst Treatment of a Serious Issue”

    Why is this even an award category??

  • Red Assault

    @GreatGatsby2011: I think it’s one of those “anti-awards” like how the Razzies have “Worst Actress” but the political version of it.

  • Torrie

    Who cares what this nobody thinks?

  • Mike

    I see in a subsequent tweet he promised to give his son a Ferrari if he “broke his record of girlfriends.” Hey, maybe if he gets one or two pregnant, he could upgrade to a Bugatti Veyron!

  • Rooney

    And he’d probably beat his wife if she gave birth to a vaguely faggy child, one that didn’t start smoking and misspelling stuff days after birth. Is it too much to hope that his children shoot him first, whatever they turn out to be? Holy embarrassment of a father.

  • Chris

    What a disgusting human being. The guy can’t even spell properly let alone string together complex thoughts. I’m starting to see that very soon its going to be us vs them…. The people who stand up for whats right vs those who don’t or don’t have a clue. Time to band together and stop these fucktards from ruining our world.

  • LadyL

    Wait…oh, okay, I get it. He and Tracy Morgan are lovers.

  • Belize

    “Today I accept [that] if I shall have homosexual son or lesbian daughter then I shall shoot them myself.”

    No mention of a transgender or a bisexual child? Hmm… even as a moronic bigot the man is an underachiever. How pitiful.

    @GreatGatsby2011: Because imbeciles like this one will die lonely, unloved and unfulfilled. Meanwhile, some people feel that it is a necessary form of charity to, at the very least, recognize stupidity.

  • Michael

    Not to be totally shallow here but have you seen pics of him? Google Images offer up some of the most unattractive pics I have ever seen of any man. Makes me rethink my queerness honestly… And, btw, I only say that because I’m “mostly gay” but if all men looked like him I would have to invest in a Kinsey Zero.

  • 1equalityUSA

    This “untouchable” isn’t worth the feces he scrapes off of the stones.

  • Spike

    I tend not to respect the opinion of anyone that smells like the Ganges River . . and you know this guy wreaks of it.

  • Callum

    Happily this Bollywoood nobody’s opinion is not indicative of most Indians. As a younger gay man I was gladly accepted as a “Caucasian” friend by many Indians including those of the Sikh faith. As a young gay contractor I bid on and won a number of contracts to assist in rebuilding a rather famous Sikh Temple. I was accepted there with friendship and with open arms by the priests and the congregation. To Hell with this Bollywood nobody!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I think this guy called my house trying to sell duct cleaning services.

  • reality

    I was so afraid that this was that Benny Lava guy, but it’s not.


  • jabaroo

    @Belize: I’m sure he would, he probably just couldn’t fit it into 140 characters.

  • desdemona

    His inability to spell correctly, and his violent tendencies show that he is nothing but an illiterate terrorist; a stain on humanity and THIS is where homophobia was born. Hopefully people are quickly learning to spot homophobias invalidity from idiots like this Bollywood ‘star’

  • desdemona

    Oh and I also meant to compare him to an uneducated neanderthal…. medieval in his thinking capacity.

  • RayJacksonMs

    They all think that way yet we are letting them flood into America faster than Mexican.

  • Oh, ok

    @RayJacksonMs: So you’re saying Indians and Mexicans aren’t allowed here because one person is a bigot?

    Didn’t Europeans flood the Americas, commit mass genocide on the original founders, abuse an entire group of people as cattle for centuries, and proceed to hate them for at least another century afterward?

    Yet one guy says something stupid on Twitter and all Indians suddenly don’t belong here. Really?

  • Mike

    What a dick. He’s probably a shitty actor that no one wants to see much less care about.

  • Jim S

    Hah! That’s what my older brother said too. Called me a fag for most of my childhood and adolescence. Ironically, his eldest daughter came out and he hasn’t spoken to her in 3 years because she came out. Didn’t bother her and she’s getting married next year. The trick is not to let these mean crack-pots bother us too much. It’s something about them and it is not about us. Who cares what he thinks but too bad for the kids if they are gay because they will lose him but it doesn’t sound like he’s much two have. He must embarrass the hell out of them. I would hope they say good riddance some day.

  • bruce

    Note how these homophobes always say “homosexuals and lesbians”. I’ve also noticed this in the comments of the Religious Right. Memo to homophobes: lesbian IS homosexual. You are exposing the paucity of your understanding.

  • Big Daddy

    Hopefully they will shoot first!

  • Richard Ford

    This guy would not shoot someone else’s child if they were gay. Why his own?
    Multiple choice: (a) Because he thinks he made a booboo and has to correct it. (b) Because this reflects badly on him. (c) Because he harbors homosexual feelings of his own. (d) Because he’s a fuckhead. (e) All of the above.
    You figure it out.

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    Being an exemplary human being and an example of worth and dignity to/for an Indian of any means….doesn’t translate. They “honor” their “families” using caste and mystical babble, dehumanizing their brother is how they claim “enlightenment”. Just like our own Christians would like us all to live. Nihilists like this are always shocked when everyone else isn’t the underdeveloped moral infant they are.

  • VAb

    As said earlier by Torrie, “who cares what this nobody thinks”! He is not a Bollywood ‘star’, he acted in a few self funded movies. A ‘wannabe’ actor maybe, but definitely not someone whose views need to be heard.

  • Kayo

    That’s pure love for you…. not!

  • Norris Nordin

    Well now, Mr. Rashid Khan. Was it not your countryman, Gandhi, who noted that “human rights is a western idea”? It seems you are laboring to prove his point! The next time a wandering thought of prejudice comes to your feeble mind (I suspect your IQ is about the same as your shoe size!)just let it wander off before you do damage to the innocent of this world!

  • keoki3

    @GreatGatsby2011: When you say it with an Indian accent, it sounds better. LOL

  • Muhammad Chaudhry

    Well saying Kamaal R Khan is a “Bollywood Star” is misleading to say the least! Indian Film Industry, admittedly, has a long way to go before being considered tolerant to LGBT, but this person doesnt represent the industry! There are people like John Abraham and Imran Khan who are very vocal about gay rights!

    And Kela Awards are similar to the Razzies in Hollywood

  • cowtownruss

    PRAYER is very powerful. Let’s all pray for this “so-called” man. Pray for his soul & that he can maybe, maybe,… become somewhat of a caring, compassionate, loving human being over time. Let’s also pray that we never hear from him or about him again !

  • Jai

    I’m gay and from India. I gotta tell you guys, he’s a complete joke. This so called actor is made fun of like Justin Bieber is made fun of in the States (and probably all over the world). He’s debut movie was parodied (and is still parodied) several times. And yes, the annual Kela Awards is like the Razzies (Kela in hindi means banana LOL) where shitty people are made fun of and are supposedly awarded. He’s like the Bieber of India.

  • mododavid

    He should win a award for being Bollywood’s ugliest actor – inside and out.

  • Granster

    @RayJacksonMs: You are a pig,

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