Bomb Squad Uncovers Package Containing Over 1000 Condoms In NYC Bus Station

16902327-mmmainExplosive experts in New York City were called after a suspicious looking package was discovered at a bus station near the George Washington Bridge.

Port Authority police spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said officers patrolling the station noticed an unattended silver bag discreetly tucked behind a barrier near the station’s waiting room doors on Friday afternoon.

Not taking any risks, they immediately ushered pedestrians out, closed down the station, and called in a bomb squad. A canine unit was brought in, along with a team of explosives experts. After completing a preliminary investigation, it was determined that no explosives were present, Pentangelo said.

The bag was eventually opened. Inside, officers were shocked to discover over 1,000 individually wrapped condoms of varying brands, flavors, and styles.

Authorities are not sure, but they suspect the package may have been mistakenly left behind by someone passing through the station. Also unclear is why a person would need that many condoms.

“The bag and its contents were vouchered,” Pentangelo said. “Thus far, no owner has come forward.”

h/t: UPI

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