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  • fredo777

    Well, does he get his gay on in this one, as buzzed about?

    Does he? Does he? Does he?…-he?

    Sorry, I just really want to see that happen in a Bond flick.

  • fredo777

    Seriously, though, having watched the clip, it looks pretty good.

    Also, love the way they morphed the “O”s in the title into the “007” logo. Slick.

  • Woof

    Hopefully he will get tied naked to a chair again and have a little agressive foreplay with a rope….hottest JB scene ever!

  • while my nails are drying

    Just thinking about Daniel Craig in a swimsuit makes my mouth water.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Could. Eat. Him. Alive.

  • fredo777

    I’d like to eat him, too.

    Well, parts of him.

  • l

    Doesn’t he look like Mr. Roper?

  • Tom

    But I heard he has a really small cock.

  • Tim

    He’s smoking hot. Anytime.

  • Dave

    It sure looks to me like they are following the Borne franchise approach in terms of the whole vernacular of the film — much less of the cheezy Bond-ian motif and more of the serious updated complex plot and subtlety in terms of good guy/bad guy. I like that. It makes it more adult and less predictable, and leverages his acting skills. Who’d of thought?

  • Dave

    I meant to say Bourne (as in identity, ultimatum, supremacy, etc.)

  • CitizenGeek

    I doubt there’ll be a gay kiss in Bond any time soon. It would isolate the young male fanbase and it’s not like they need to crack the gay market or anything seeing as how they already have Daniel Craig on board.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Actually, Judi Dench saw “it,” and she says it’s huge!

  • pickles

    D C is mega hot. I have to add though, I just watched Goldfinger again for the first time in a while… I sure love that (Sir) Sean Connery had a hairy back and a little flab. 007 always kept it real and hot.

  • while my nails are drying

    There used to be a shot of his pee pee out on the web from a scene in a movie from the mid or late 90’s he did. He is in a bath tub best I can remember. I also remember it as very nice.

  • Frozen North

    “No. 8 · Tom

    But I heard he has a really small cock.”

    Fuck you, twat.
    Seriously, is that all there is to you?

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