Boobs Too Fake For Boxing

“A model-turned-boxer has been banned from fighting – because of her breast implants. Sarah Blewden, 25, has been told that repeated blows to her false breasts could knock them out of shape and damage her breast tissue. Now boxing chiefs won’t allow her to compete – dealing a knock-out blow for her hopes of competing in the Olympics in the future.” [Daily Mail]

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  • Sebbe

    Am i missing something here? Don’t get me wrong, I like fluff pieces as equally as serious stuff, but I suspect this may have been posted to the wrong site.

    I stupidly clicked the link and read the damn story, thinking surely there must be more to this story. My advise, don’t waste your time, you’ll never get it back. LOL

    If I’m missing something here can somebody please clue me in.

  • naprem

    The whole point of being gay is that WE DON’T CARE about boobs.

  • Sebbe

    @naprem – that’s what I thought?

  • J

    Unless she
    a) Gets a sex change to reduce her tit size or
    b) Is a lesbian
    she really doesn’t belong here. =S

  • TikiHead

    I recommend breast helmets — if the boxing chiefs will aloow.

  • sparkle obama

    oh my god, some of you gays…
    let me state right now that, as a “gay” i care about women, per se.
    many of my best friends & family members are women(!)
    i have TS friends w/implants & i myself sometime wear a golden pair of rubber falsies on the stage.
    i care about breast implants:
    as a beauty professional (how gay) i have opinions, tastes & concerns thereof.
    my life is not a shirtless 70s parade down castro st.,
    with nary a woman or trans lady in sight…
    b*tches, if that describes *your* lives, well bully for fuckin you.
    i am “gay” and i love women & transgender gals.
    ps lesbians are “gay” & they have tits, ok?

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