Book About Gandhi’s Bodybuilder Lust Is Too Hot For This Indian State

The new book on Mahatma Gandhi claiming the Indian sage enjoyed a romance with a muscled male bodybuilder is too hot for one Indian state. Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle, from Pulitzer-Prize winner Joseph Lelyveld, has been banned from sale by the western state Gujarat’s assembly, all because it claims Mahatma traded love letter (and fluids?) with a toned German fellow named Hermann Kallenbach. Not that the book has even been released there yet. But Lelyveld says the Indian lawmakers, who must’ve read about the book in the British tabloids, have it all wrong: “The book does not say that Gandhi was bisexual or homosexual. It says that he was celibate and deeply attached to Kallenbach. This is not news.” So my mental image of Hermann rubbing baby oil all over The Mahatma’s head are pure fiction?