Born Into The Epidemic: Five People Under 30 Who Are Fighting HIV/AIDS

Julian Dormitzer, 23
Clinical Research Nurse
Boston, MA

Born and raised in Traverse City, MI, Julian Dormitzer started working at Boston’s Fenway Institute in October.

“I’m thrilled to be the third member of a growing team working on research for the Adolescent Trials Network,” she elaborates. “We are currently conducting research to better understand HIV-infected and at-risk adolescents and young adults.”

Dormitzer feels that the stigma surrounding the epidemic and its most affected populations—such as African-American men, which makes up a disproportionate percentage of new HIV infections—is the biggest challenge at present, and that knowing your status is the first and most important step you can take to help fight the disease.

“The message that is most important is for youth to understand the importance of testing and talking openly about the prevalence of HIV and HIV risk reduction,” she explains. “If we can increase access to healthcare, in addition to increasing healthcare provider’s knowledge of issues relating specifically to the health concerns of the LGBT community, I think we will see significant improvement in both treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS.”