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Boston Bombing Suspect Liked To Retweet Homophobic Tweets

Boston marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was “as American as anybody,” according to one of his high school friends.

So it comes as no surprise that his Twitter account reflects the usual ramblings of a 19 year old, along with a few homophobic touches.

Tsarnaev’s tweets make it clear that he’s straight and likes women (and weed), but he can’t resist a few swipes at gays along the way.

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet, probably the gayest thing I ever heard but don’t mind me I obviously just get wet,” Tsarnaev writes in one tweet.

In other cases, he liked to retweet not particularly funny jokes.

    • “Oh, you’re gay? That must be a real pain in the ass.”
    • In a Grammar class : Teacher:- “HE does not like girls.” What is ‘He’ in this sentence. . ?? . . . . . Student :- Gay. . . . !!””Oh, you’re gay? That must be a real pain in the ass.”
    • If you were sleeping between a beautiful girl and a gay man, who’s side would you turn your back to?”
Compared to what Tsarnaev is accused of, these are incredibly mild. There are no death threats against gays or invocations about the wrath of God on homosexuals. Instead, what they highlight are the average, casually homophobic beliefs of a young straight American male. In that sense, Tsarnaev was depressingly a lot like everyone else.

Photo via Buzzfeed

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  • CleJoke

    Well he’s gonna have his orifices terrorized in prison.
    Sweet young thang.
    I’d like to be in his cell block ;-)

  • Ann Mason

    People who commit unspeakable acts have one major trait in common: Their reasoning skills are on a mediocre level. Some are basically very bright, and some aren’t. There’s something outside of basic intelligence which is missing from people like that.

    Maybe we should be grateful that not everyone with poor reasoning skills is a terrorist, since that trait is practically everywhere we look.

  • davegun2

    Re: Boston…will someone please give these guys a vowel?

  • bledoutcolor

    Oh lord. Here come the flood of people talking about how attractive an (lets be fair just in case, tho the evidence sounds extremely strong) alleged murderer/terrorist is. How disgusting.

    Learn to think with your brainsninstead of your smaller head. Yes, he is attractive by most people’s standards and I admit when I see a picture of him my brain automatically registers that, but the fact that he KILLED at least three innocent people with the bomb (2 were kids I think) and a police officer kinda overshadows that for reasonable people.

    The terrorist (I’m giving benefit of the doubt just in case, innocent till Proven guilty and all that) is disgusting trash, and while his brother’s death was sad all the same even if he was a murderer, I have no sympathy or forgiveness for hus actions and he is an ugly human being in my eyes.

  • D9W

    I hope he hasn’t got his date book too booked, because personally I see a lot of alone time in his cell for a very long time. If he’s lucky it might be in Cuba, but sense he’s a US ‘citizen’ maybe in Kansas, and he can spend many years with his best friend: his hand. That’s unless he goes for the needle option.

  • dvlaries

    “Much of the evil done in the world is due to people who want to feel important.”
    Back in the early 80s, on the Letterman show, director John Waters once observed that the single fail-safe means of making oneself a household name, overnight, was to commit a spectacularly heinous crime. In the age of mass communication, at least since Lee Harvey Oswald, this has been shown true again and again. Before they were found out, Richard Speck, Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Jarod Loughner and Adam Lanza, just to name five, were invisible, undistinguished schlubs.
    While they will be forever known in the minds of the surviving families they destroyed, as the number of them mounts more and more, and the hysterical 24-hour fear-stoking media grind them into sausage, the ‘shelf life’ of their individual outrages is shorter than ever.
    So it will be with Tsarnaev, until he’s matched or outdone by whatever similar event waits next, perhaps before Tsarnaev is even sentenced. And it will all be to have exchanged his name for a string of random, numerical digits, and freedom and chance for life in a concrete cage.

  • davegun2

    What wooda Bush done? Bomb North Korea.


    @davegun2: The fucking IDIOT Bush, wuldn`t do shit! he is fucking Christian. AdamHomo

  • Avenger

    [email protected] mundane and unnecessary this article is. Really???? All week blogs like Queerty have been trying desperately to connect some kind of “gay” element to this whole ordeal because it took attention away from the silly headlines about gay marriage and what politicians are for/against it.

  • shelleyfrank

    May I kindly request that the Queerty moderator remove these hate slinging comments by above user DOFEK. Why do we strive for gay rights? Isn’t it to eliminate ignorance and hate in society? Why does this chap get to say these abrasive things about muslims and christians on this site? BTW Mr. DOFEK AKA Adamhomo, firstly, your definition of democracy is exceedingly poor. Is YOUR democracy for homosexsuals, or should they leave too? It isn’t going to rock anyone’s boat to be told that if you don’t leave because you’re Muslim you will be removed by the democratic majority. It is not going to happen, either way. You will only have to live with it in the long run, so prepare yourself and be more tolerant. Stop wasting your time sucking impotent slogans out of your thumb. Secondly, isn’t Bush a bit old hat to get vicious about? He doesn’t run your country no more.

  • shelleyfrank

    Speaking of getting into the limelight by committing heinous crimes, it gets me wondering why Tsarnaev gets comes in with such a smashing, soft focused profile shot. It’s as if he chose it himself.

  • mattcornell

    Please ban “CleJoke” and remove their comments fantasizing about raping this guy in prison. That shit is not OK.

  • Haightmale

    This blog post is offensive and disgusting. Teenagers call a lot of things “gay” – and it doesn’t mean they’re homophobic or malicious. This 19 year old kid obviously has mental problems. If he survives, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Think of the people who lost life and limb as a result of his reprehensible actions, and the best Queerty could do is write about a tweet that MIGHT be homophobic?

    As bombs and guns rip our cities apart, and Republicans in Congress insist on preserving our violent culture, don’t you think you could spend your time writing about something meaningful?

    And by the way – being gay is a real pain in the ass.

    Roy Steele

  • balehead

    Not everything is about the gays….And lots of Gays tweet the same homophobic comments … surprise here..

  • Jawsch

    How are those considered “Homophobic”? I really think we toss around that word far too often for people who don’t agree with us, like us, says something we don’t agree with.
    Those tweets sound more like jokes a straight male teenager (which he is) finds funny than homophobia.

    I have to say, I’m beginning to be more and more disappointed with a lot of nonsense Queerty has been putting on this site.

  • balehead

    Aaron Johnson will play him on the movie….

  • Gigi Gee

    @balehead — The Daily Caller is over there ———>

  • Cam

    Am I offbase, but it seems like there is a desperation here to have any posting on this because it is such a major story. A gay joke in a tweet?…..

  • kevininbuffalo

    First off his dance card won’t be full since he’ll be in protective custody till his execution, which can’t come a moment to soon.
    Typical glbt horseshit…it’s all about us.

  • Jersey

    My favorite thing about this dude is that he ran over his own brother trying to get away. I hope the rest of his life is one horror to himself after another.

  • Harley

    Now, if EVERYONE down there had their own pressure cooker bombs then these two schmucks would have thought twice about using their pressure cooker bombs. Sounds like a new strategy by the NRA.

  • Kieran

    A homophobic Muslim? I find that hard to believe.

  • Ken

    No matter who the mass murderer is, his neighbors will be surprised, because he’s such a soft-spoken courteous guy, a good dad and always willing to lend a helpful hand.

    The unspellable brothers are psychopaths. The empathy and emotions are not genuine. They just imitate what other people do until self-interest overrides it. Running over his brother meant nothing to him. Bombing the marathon might be like killing ants with a magnifying glass to them.

    I’m a pastor. I don’t mind all these anti-religion or anti-Christian comments for two reasons. One is that their attackers generally belong to the churches that read the Bible for permission, not guidance. By the standards of the ancient church, these “Christians” wouldn’t even be Christians. Second, it’s like people who have been hit so hard with a dictionary that they blame the dictionary instead of the person who hit them. The rage of the victim is cause for empathy, not resentment. Some of the victims have been abused beyond repair.

    The rage is a healthy reaction, which is why I’m glad to hear it. Sometimes they are expressing what I feel. Turning on their attackers is therapeutic, those quacks deserve it.

  • Dionte

    The third example tweet, why did he care? Wait that was trick question, wasn’t it.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Three words for this slimy child-killer:
    Waterboard, waterboard, and waterboard. Maybe then he’ll realize that Allah is nothing more that a word, and not someone to kill for.

  • pisces-boi

    To me this is just a straight teenager being a straight teenager i don’t think its that homophobic. And i think you should focus on the really bad stuff he did instead of some comments he made on twitter.

  • Mike

    I hope prison gives him a big pain in his ass over and over again

  • TinoTurner

    Get a life, Queerty. Homophobic? These are all school yard jokes that have been told for decades. We’ve all said/heard worse. Its a bit of stretch to say these are homophobic tweets.
    To all of those saying he’s hot, you all disgust me and make me hate gay people for being so common and predictable.

  • truthteller

    I have stayed away from this issue on other real news sites but here are my two cents.
    Like it or not, he is a kid. 19 years old and from all accounts led astray by an older brother he idolized. His parents left them to move to Russia when he was just 14 years old. There is nothing, so far, that connects him to Islam or terrorism. He, and his brother are American citizens! He knows nothing but America. Most likely we will hear that this all had something to do with something HERE, not wherever you want to claim THERE is.

    Finally, for a group of gay “men” to talk to calmly about gay rape and abuse disgusts me. When it happens to us, we are up in arms, but have no problem saying it should be done to someone else. This is not just hypocracy, it is bullshit. This just shows that the gays are not better than the straights, and most likely are worse. Where is your humanity. We have a legal system to deal with these crimes. no one needs your fears, loathing or ignorance to stir the shit pot. As awful as his crimes were, Tim Mcvey has him beat by hundreds of dead and even more wounded. There is nothing to celebrate here. This is a tragedy all around.

    Finally, yes, the young man is cute. So because of that he should be raped in prison? How quickly you forget the world outside of your front door. The one where you have few rights, and jail is good possibility for your sexual acts. But that’s different…right? Just ask the right wing christians if they see a difference.

    I do agree that the tweets are “normal” American teen jokes and statements and that Queerity is reaching for an angle. They got one. GAYS SHOW HOW HATEFUL THEY CAN BE, JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY.

  • CleJoke

    It’s a dawg eat dawg world.

  • Snapper59

    I love reading his parents thought he was a “second year medical student” and I read this morning what his last grades were: F-F-F-D-D and a B. LOL, that’s Harvard Medical School material there yes.

  • truthteller

    @Snapper59: You may love it, but you also made it up. God forbid facts get in the way of your world view. Those are not the grades he had, it was not over one semester, and you are a liar!

    His parents “thought” that because they never went to school in America. He was pre-med and they mis-spoke. Unlike you that has never done such a thing. Also, many of his classmates state that he told them he was having a tough time making the adjustment from High School to college and his grades were suffering. This is normal for many kids. How well do you think you would do, without parents, getting into college and with a a scholarship for a pre med degree?

    here is the link from a real news paper, the New York Times.

  • crowebobby


    An un-mutilated Muslim. Get a grip.

  • the other Greg

    @truthteller: “He, and his brother are American citizens!” Nope, his brother was not a citizen. “God forbid facts get in the way of your world view,” although I suppose it would be worse if he HAD been a citizen!

    “Just a kid?” Plenty of military people are 19 or even 18 and they are not kids anymore. This “just a kid” nonsense nowadays is nauseating. Do you think we should try him as a juvenile?

    And if he was so smart in college, why didn’t it occur to him that Chechnya is something the U.S. can’t do anything about? There are only two major separatist movements in the entire world that the U.S. government couldn’t possibly do anything about, even if it wanted to – Chechnya and Tibet – and you don’t see Tibetan Buddhists bombing anything. (And if you did, they’d probably be smart enough to figure out they should bomb the Chinese instead of us!)

    I lived in Boston for many years, I live not far from there now, I’m a liberal and agnostic and yeah, I hate this guy. What’s wrong with hating something or someone evil? He’ll get his due process – as an adult, not as a juvenile – so why are you apologizing for him? What the f*ck is wrong with you, pal?

    Bill Maher had it right on last night’s show – all this apologizing for Muslim nutbaggery and insanity is just “liberal bullshit.” On a site like Queerty you’ll see all kinds of criticism of Catholicism (especially) and other varieties of Christianity, most of it valid, so let’s not make an exception for Islam which by any rational standard is much, much worse.

  • the other Greg

    Anyway, to all the rape jokers: he will almost undoubtedly never be in a situation where that could happen. Considering the nature of the crime, assuming he is convicted, he’d more likely be killed by other convicts than raped. He’ll probably be separate from the general population (as Timothy McVeigh was) so you can stop fantasizing about it, if that’s what you’re doing!

  • truthteller

    @the other Greg: Where is your proof, that this attack had anything to do with Chechnya or Islam? If you have some, I strongly suggest you contact the FBI because they are still trying to make the connection

    Yes, 19 year olds are just kids, even when they fight in wars and commit heinous crimes. It is their mindset and mentality, which are not fully formed that are at issue. In the United States you may be tried as an adult as young as 14, that is the law.

    Nothing is wrong with me, and I’m def not your pal. I am an attorney and believe in justice and the rule of law. This is our society and as gays fight for rights, I don’t think we should jump to conclusions or take the law away from others. The facts will come out. I am willing to wait and not pass judgement until then. I don’t apologize for others actions, and I don’t one religion over another. They all suck! Hate and violence, just breads more of the same. So…good luck with that!

  • 2eo

    Truthteller, I’m afraid Greg, despite being a dick for no real reason is correct. The fellow was previously investigated for links to an islamic terror cell.

    Also “the other greg” you can take your conservative populist rhetoric and shove it up your arse mate, that bullshit doesn’t wash with me and many other posters who’ve criticised islam hundreds of times.

    Unlike you I’ve done it to islamists faces, so get stuffed with that neo-con shit.

  • the other Greg

    @2eo: ???? Yes, I’ve noticed you criticizing Islam before and I do appreciate it! But how am I being “conservative” here? I’m a liberal Democrat in New England. I’m quoting Bill Maher, an atheist liberal hero (if you don’t know him).

  • the other Greg

    @truthteller: Oh come on, you obviously HATE everybody posting here. :) Get off your high horse.

    (If it helps you, “pal” is a sarcastic boston expression meaning pretty much the opposite.)

    “Where is your proof, that this attack had anything to do with Chechnya or Islam?”


    As 2eo points out, there is proof. But are you contending there is another, serious theory? “Pray” tell us what it is!

  • the other Greg

    @2eo: As you undoubtedly have noticed, there is an unfortunate tendency on NON-GAY, lefty sites to make all kinds of ridiculous, tendentious apologies for Islamic craziness. On gay sites there is usually very little of that. In fact I was startled (aside from being annoyed) to see LieTeller’s nonsense here.

    I’ll have to take your word for it that you go around throwing bacon at Muslims or whatever, but I certainly believe it. Keep up the good work. :)

  • truthteller

    @the other Greg: I don’t Hate anyone, anywhere. Those are your values. Please stop projecting.

    I know what “pal” means, and your opinion means about as much as…(please input negative comment)

    What were the reasons behind McVeigh, the Colorado shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter, killers in general and so on? It is just lazy to point to religion. True, it might be the case, but how much of your life changes by taking a step back, not being so prejudiced and letting the process work?

    Yes, the older brother had some deep beliefs about Islam, but I have only posted about the younger brother.

    Oh, and yeah, I take the moral high ground and hold myself to those standards. But also those that claim to want to be good people and live in a just world. What goes around comes around. It’s my horse, and I’ll ride as long as I want too. Don’t be mad because your morals shift with the wind.

  • 2eo

    @the other Greg: I used the phrase “conservative populist rhetoric”, retreating to the tired and hackneyed victim cards played by ALL christians who can’t stand people like me fighting their privilege with information, fact and intelligence.

    Hiding behind the “you’ll criticise christians but not islam because of the bombs and their skin colour you PC thugs” is exactly what the right leaning mass media wants people to think, that they are the victims and not the children and charity runners and every great person who helped in a very dark hour.

    I am really hoping that the people of Boston who funded NORAID understand what terror really is now after money from them killed a child whom I played rugby against that year when Boston money funded the IRA bomb in Warrington.

    I have no time for apologists, they’ve had centuries to correct their massive failings and they haven’t. Why would they start now. Religion is the poison chalice on this beautiful planet, but every day more move away from the poison.

  • the other Greg

    @truthteller: Of course I have to “let the process work.” (I’m never going to be on that jury; I live too close, know a runner, etc. etc.) Nobody here is trying to short-circuit “the process.” They are just commenting. Are you seriously contending that we are somehow poisoning the jury pool by posting sarcastic comments here?

    Motive: Not sure where you’re going with this, counsel. Would it make you feel better, or worse, if they killed for some other political or even emotional reason? Does it really matter to the legal system?

    I’ll have to check in with this thread tomorrow; I’m taking the train to Boston now to see some friends. Meanwhile, okay, okay, you’re a fucking saint!

  • truthteller

    @the other Greg: what took you so long to start the name calling? Your type usually throw those bricks first. I guess Fox news gave you enough amo to start a fight but, as usual, not enough to finish it with logic and “big boy” words.

    And that I startled and annoyed, one such as you, means my job here is done!

    Thank you and good night.

  • the other Greg

    @2eo: See #43, I agree with you, I’m not a Christian & nothing I wrote was coming from that POV. And I was disgusted by NORAID when I first moved to Boston in the ’80s.

  • the other Greg

    @truthteller: What name-calling?

    “And that I startled and annoyed, one such as you, means my job here is done!”

    Judges must be really impressed by you. Oh, let me guess, you never go to court, you’re a real estate lawyer?

  • truthteller

    @the other Greg: @the other Greg: Get off the cross!

    The jury pool will work itself out. The true issue is that these comments refuel hatred and ignorance. Just like anti-gay ones do on the sites you enjoy reading. I am concerned about our collective society and how we feel and think about others. I am concerned that these comments take root and change polices and who is elected to office… just like with gay issues. These are not just musings, they are potential actions and actors. Just like the right wingers and those that think killing gays is “ok”. And in your minor world, those that follow Islam. Words mean things, which is why you have been fighting so hard on this one blog to be heard.

    I am not concerned about this, one suspect, or that one city, and I am surely not concerned about you! I have bigger fish to fry.

  • truthteller

    @the other Greg: I’m sorry, I didn’t read about your first move to Boston…way back in 1980, before I was born. I get it now. You should have started off with that tid-bit, then I would have ignored you from the start.

    FYI, I’m a Federal Prosecutor. Now go run along and don’t break a hip on the way.

  • jmmartin

    From his looks and the fact he has lived in one of the gayest states in the country, I’d say he’s been hit on a time or two and rejected advances because he is straight and/or a Muslim, which would certainly explain his animus. Shariah calls for the stoning of gay men, so being brought up in that religion had a lot to do with it. As for winding up in the same cell…my hunch is that he will be in some type of protective custody. Cons are just as patriotic as you and me.

  • the other Greg

    @truthteller: So… you’re saying that comments on a website and the people who make them are “potential actions and actors,” but murderers and terrorists are not?

    (Sigh.) (Second try.) Would it make you feel better, or worse, if they killed for some other political or even emotional reason? Does it really matter to the legal system?

    After all – you’re the attorney, and you brought up the subject.

    (Catch you tomorrow, heading for the train.)

  • jamesbarnette

    How are these really homophobic? Usually homophobia comes with at least a tinge of a mean-spirit but these tweets didn’t come across that way.

    “Being gay must be a real pain in the ass”. He’s a 19yo. Yeah, actually, it really is a pain in the ass in both aspects. Which side would you turn your back on, the beautiful girl or the gay guy? Good question for a straight guy seeing you can either have sex with the girl and have the guy screw you or you can just turn around and screw the gay guy. Saying you feel the rain sounds really gay? Um, yeah it does in both aspects.

    I came into this article thinking he must have reposted some of the real homphobic tweets but these are the ramblings of a 19yo and, no, it doesn’t come across as someone who is, by definition, homophobic.

  • Snapper59

    @truthteller: I didn’t “make up” his grades, you moron, it was in the Boston paper. It even listed his classes. F-F-F-D-D and a B. Sorry if that bothers you.

  • Caleb in SC

    @truthteller: Wow, I don’t know of any job called “federal prosecutor.” Are you talking about being an “Assistant United States Attorney?” Just saying, if you are going to make shit up, use the correct terms and do not do it where other, real lawyers can read it, douche.

  • Snapper59

    “truthteller” sounds quite in love, doesn’t he. He’d be one to marry Dzhokharoyzzzzh via Skype while he sits in death row.

  • car

    It’s lovely that all gay comments end up in bitchiness.

  • Cee

    @bledoutcolor: What do his alleged crimes have to do with his looks? He’s a good lookin dude. It is what it is. If people wanna point that out I don’t see nothing wrong with it. People do the same $hit when someone is ugly, they point out how unattractive they are and it usually has nothing to do with the article at hand.

  • the other Greg

    @Caleb in SC: My cat is a paralegal and she told me: You know, “truthteller” is probably not really a lawyer.

    @Snapper59: Right, truthteller in a convict visitation marriage, I was just thinking the same thing! – how romantic. And you’re right about the grades – I hadn’t heard that but someone told me last night. How bad a student must one be today to get an F?

    @2eo: It occurs to me that practically any gay person who’s ever ridden a cab in NYC or Boston has had the task of criticizing Islam “to Islamists’ faces.” They are always objecting to gay PDAs (or even straight PDAs), or getting upset that a passenger has been drinking (which kind of defeats the purpose of 80% of the cab industry), or Allah knows what.

    I seem to have confused you with my remark about Bill Maher, you may be unfamiliar with him in the UK – outspoken atheist, made the anti-religion movie “Religulous,” gleeful supporter of gay rights, potsmoker & advocate of drug legalization, relentlessly critical of the wars, fired by ABC after pressure from the Bush administration. Now he’s on HBO and can cuss all he wants. On Friday night’s show he called for REPEALING THE SECOND AMENDMENT! He is my hero. I’d never heard him call anything “liberal bullshit” before so I tend to think it is.

    Friday he had a doofus guest (who was maybe “truthteller” in real life), making all kinds of weird apologies for Muslim nutbaggery. Bill agreed with him that okay okay okay, back in the Middle Ages the bigger problem was Christianity. And so what? “We’re living now.” Bill asked if he’s seen “The Book of Mormon” yet. (“No, it’s so hard to get tickets!” – how true.) If there were a similar play on Broadway about Islam, how long would it last? How safe would it be to go to? Mormons are stupid and evil but at least they are not throwing bombs in Times Square about this play.

    There is a double standard and certain people (usually not gay) go into all sorts of contortions. Like “truththrottler” they always look pretty ridiculous.

  • the other Greg

    @2eo: Btw, I should give you credit for predicting this one correctly. When you said right away, oh religion is behind this one, I scoffed. (Didn’t dispute you on Queerty, but I didn’t believe it.)

    Because of the date – anniversary of the revolution, coincidence (?) of “Tax Day” etc. – and because it was Boston, I was SURE that this time it was right-wing white American wackos!

  • Michael1965

    I find it very interesting that so many here take note of this young man being “attractive” whilst in the same breath not giving ANY kind of weight to the fact that he is the primary suspect in a quadruple murder, one victim being a child. The person that someone is on the inside can make them the ugliest person on the outside…if we take a moment to see them for who they really are. Just an observation.

  • Leonardo

    I’m glad I don’t have long hair anymore because when I did I looked just like him in this picture. Kinda creepy :S

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