Boston Fraternity Raises Funds For Transgender Brother’s Surgery

The brothers of Phi Alpha Tau at Emerson College are really there for each other. So when Donnie Collins, a transgender member, shared that his insurance company wasn’t going to pay for his top surgery, they banded together to help raise the necessary funds.

“Donnie means a lot to us, and this surgery really means a lot to him,” Phi Alpha Tau member Andy Schlebecker told Queerty. “He is one of those guys who goes out of his way to make everybody feel comfortable, and we just want to allow him to feel comfortable in his own skin, too.”

The brothers have launched an IndieGoGo page, which has already garnered more than $8,000. “We care deeply about each and everyone,” reads a statement on the fund-raising site,  “and rely on the entire active brotherhood to stand behind any one individual when they are in need.”

How amazing are these guys?

Below, Donnie shares his story