Boston’s Archbishop Cracks Down on Kicking Out Gay Parents’ Kids

Seán Patrick O’Malley (pictured), the archbishop of Boston who entered the scene after Cardinal Bernard Francis Law resigned amidst the child abuse sex scandal, isn’t looking to have another publicity nightmare involving children on his hands. So he’s stepping in mitigate one Massachusetts Catholic school’s decision to kick out a 8-year-boy who has two mommies.

St. Paul Roman Catholic Elementary School in Hingham revoked the admission of a student after the Rev. James Rafferty decided “teachers wouldn’t be prepared to answer questions her son might have because the school’s teachings about marriage conflict with what he sees in his family.”

Outrage! Including from State Rep. Garrett J. Bradley, who attended St. Paul as a boy.

So here’s Boston’s archdiocese spokesman Terry Donilon going on about how his boss has no problem will kids of gay families going to their schools. “We want kids to come to Catholic schools.” To brainwash them with Jesus!

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  • PopSnap

    Thank you, Archbishop. This man should be praised for his courage in attempting to at least build a bridge between LGBT & Catholics.

  • ossurworld

    Someone woke up O’Malley?

  • Lucius vorenus

    Slowly, step by step, we are coming out of the middle ages. I don’t mean the middle ages of economy, but the middle ages of the mind.

    The new generation is less stupid, and in a few decades, being gay will make the same difference as not liking to drink milk.

  • Alex

    Hail Archbishop O’Malley, a true Christian!

  • jeffree

    I hope the Archbishop did this for the right reasons. A child of a samesex couple shouldn’t be barred from school enrollment. If the church wants to keep “sinners’ kids” out of their school, then they’d need to keep out children of divorced parents, kids conceived through In Vitro Fertilization, or kids whose Catholic parent married –gasp–someone who didn’t convert to catholocism !!

    With catholic schools in many places facing decreases in enrollment, the last thing they need to do is arbitrarily deny enrolment to various groups,


    Please Louise, after the debacle Cardinal (broke the)Law left he needs to really tippy toe aroung the Gays. And while I would like to really, really, believe he was acting out of a sense of what is right, most likely it was purely for economic reasons. Catholic schools are an engangered species, enrollment is down across in every Diocese. They need evey parent who is willing to pay tuition they can get…………….

  • ossurworld

    This story needs updating. Today O’Malley supported excluding the child of Lesbian parents.

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