“A harbor cruise scheduled to coincide with San Diego Gay Pride turned deadly over the weekend when a go-go boy fell overboard from the boat and was later fatally shot by police during an attempted rescue.” [Gay Wired]

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  • mark

    shot during rescue???…thank you I’ll rescue MYSELF!

  • tallskin

    What drugs was the go-go-dancer on??

  • Brandon

    how do you get fatally shot during a rescue attempt?!?! did they think he was a sea monster?

  • brian

    I guess you should not take a cop’s taser and beat him with it. Then try to grab his gun.

  • Scooter Bangs

    This story is so unbelievable. A 37 yr old go-go dancer? WTF?
    Is San Diego where aging sex workers go to retire? Shaking the cock sock after 29 is not a smart career choice.

  • greybat

    This is not a very good posting. You have not provided sufficient information to go with the headline. Very bad form for a “newsblog”.

  • kevin

    This guy was almost certainly high on crystal meth. As a former addict I recognize the paranoia and irrational aggression.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    1) He wasn’t a go-go boy. He was a passenger.
    2) He fought with the officers once rescued, grabbed at a taser and then reached for a gun, according to the officers.

  • michael

    I suppose we are just supposed to fill in the blanks ourselves, a little more info would have been appropriate.

  • RyanInSacto

    They posted the link to the story. If you want details, what more is necessary?

  • BobP

    The party continued? This is very disturbing. First, the poor guy gets shot to death, and then his fellow partiers are not even upset enough to stop partying? Something is terribly wrong with this story.

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