Both Obama and HRC Have ‘Road Maps’ to Equality. They Just Won’t Let You See Them


“I don’t see them dragging their feet. But where the LGBT community is feeling frustration is that the road map and timetable have not been made as clear to them.” That’s HRC chief Joe Solmonese explaining away concerns from many LGBTs about the Obama administration doing precisely nothing to engender equality. It’s funny that Solmonese talks about this “road map” toward equality, because while he faults the president for not sharing it, Solmonese himself won’t tell you about it, either.

“Sometimes there is simply the need for reassurance from the president,” Solmonese continues in an interview. “I’ve seen a great deal less frustration since the president spoke on June 29 [the Stonewall anniversary] and recommitted to [our] issues. And the president signed the memo expanding the nondiscrimination policy for federal employees and calling on Congress to give him a bill extending healthcare benefits to domestic partners. It’s probably as frustrating to him and his administration that things are not moving as quickly as we would like.”


First: LOL. Obama is frustrated?

Second: This “reassurance from the president” Solmonese speaks of is, indeed, something we’re after. If we can’t have our rights in the next 24 hours, then when? What’s being done, specifically, by the White House to help us along? What is this … road map?

We don’t know! But Joe says he does!: “With a community as diverse as the LGBT community, there is little one can do that isn’t going to be met with criticism from somebody. A lot of that has to do with frustration of being woefully behind in securing a fundamental set of benefits and a fundamental sense of equality. But I also have a very clear road map and a plan of how this is going to get done.”

You do, Joe? YOU HAVE THE ROAD MAP? Then please, upload it to Google Maps, turn it into an iPhone app, or simply, you know, post it on HRC’s own damn blog and SHARE IT WITH THE CLASS.

If Obama has the road map, and Joe has a copy of it, why don’t the rest of us? It’s because of this sorry collusion between the White House and Gay Inc. that so many gays are furious. If we’re supposed to turn to orgs like HRC to do our bidding (and take our cash), why can’t they at least afford us the same transparency we demand from, say, Obama?

Solmonese’s silence only makes the inevitable future that much more frustrating: When we finally secure our rights, through appealing to lawmakers and by supporting grassroots gay activists targeting the local levels, it will be HRC who claims the victory. A victory they will have “won” by refusing to participate in true activism.

No wonder some HRC supporters are so fed up with Solmonese & Co.’s brand of activism that they’re fleeing, cash in hand.

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