Boulder Catholic Preschool Protects Students By Banning the Boy With 2 Mommies

Are we mistaken about the mission of the Catholic Church? Something about promoting family and the well-being of children? We already know this not to be true, based on the Washington D.C. Archdiocese shutting down its adoption program and spousal benefits for employees. And now comes the story of a preschool boy in Boulder, denied re-admission because his parents are homogays.

It’s not just students who must adhere to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School’s religious teachings, but parents too. Otherwise, think how awkward PTA meetings would be.

The student’s parents are two women and the Denver Archdiocese says their homosexual relationship violates the school’s beliefs and policy. According to teachers at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School, a meeting was held Tuesday to discuss the issue. The staff was told a student would not be allowed to re-enroll because of his or her parents’ sexual orientation. The staff members were also told not to talk to the media.

In a statement sent to 9NEWS, the Archdiocese said, “Homosexual couples living together as a couple are in disaccord with Catholic teaching.”

According to the Archdiocese, parents who enroll their kids at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School are expected to follow the Catholic Church’s beliefs. “No person shall be admitted as a student in any Catholic school unless that person and his/her parent(s) subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the educational policies and regulations of the school and Archdiocese,” the statement said. Because this student’s parents are homosexual, the Archdiocese says they were in clear violation of the school’s policy. School staff members, who asked to remain anonymous, say they are disgusted by the Archdiocese’s decision.

One employee said she could not believe a student will have to suffer because of his or her parents’ sexual orientation.

Of course, we all know who’s really suffering by these parents’ homosexuality: Jesus.

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