Bourne Identity‘s Jeremy Renner Once Choked A Dude Who Called Him A “Fag”

Jeremy Renner has been the subject of gay rumors in the National Enquirer a few times, first after he leaped to fame with the Oscar-winning Hurt Locker and second for getting too bro-mancy with Tom Cruise when they filmed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The Hollywood Reporter now tells of a Jeremy Renner who is intensely defensive about his private life, but who will open up about choking a bitch who called him gay. Says THR:

Renner tells the story of how, on Christmas Eve a few years back, when he was with his family in a bar, “This guy chokes me with the scarf I was wearing. He called me a fag ’cause I was wearing a scarf! Then he shoved my sister and I got behind him and I choked him out—put him to sleep.”

Kind of an overreaction, wouldn’t you say?

But anyway, Renner insists he’s straight, doesn’t like people speculating about his personal life, and has had plenty of long-term engagements with lady friends.

For Renner, Internet speculation already has centered around whom he’s dating (everyone from Jessica Simpson to Scarlett Johansson, if you believe the tabs) to his sexual orientation. “I want my personal life to be personal, and it’s not f—ing true,” he says of the suppositions. “And I don’t care if you’re talking about things that are true, you’re still talking about my personal life. How about I go peek in your window, take what underwear you wore last night, whose husband you were f—ing, and shove that in the megaphone throughout your neighborhood? How does that feel?”

As to his long-term involvements, he says he had one five-year relationship with a woman while in his 20s and another that ended two years ago after 4 1/2 years. He met that girlfriend, Jes Macallan — who, as her Twitter account reveals, married actor Jason Gray-Stanford (Monk) on March 17 — when she was 23 and working at a film festival in Florida; subsequently, she decided to go into acting. “That was part of the issue,” says Renner. “I was going through the Hurt Locker campaign and she’s like, ‘Where do I get headshots?’ ”

Guess he doesn’t like helping his girlfriends get a leg up in the business. But until somebody comes forward as his ex-boyfriend, I’m considering the gay rumors totally bunk.