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Boxer Bernard Hopkins Has No Respect For Faggy Sports Like Mixed Martial Arts

Know what’s great about boxing? There are never any balls swinging around in your face like there are in mixed martial arts! But you would like swinging balls, wouldn’t you? Philladelphia boxer Bernard Hopkins (aka the Executioner), who’s been MIA from the ring for 14 months as he cashes checks from Golden Boy Promotions, doesn’t need those homoerotics, which is why he’s slamming competing sports like MMA and Ultimate Fighting Championship, where dudes are, apparently, running around in panties.

“Can you see me sitting ringside with two men with panties on?! … I understand if there’s 90 percent women that would show to those things, but I can’t see a grown man sitting there, with a couple of guy friends, watching two guys iwth panties on wrestling, sweating … that’s just my opinion.” And then his publicist steers the conversation elsewhere. Smart girl.