Bigmouth strikes again

Boxer Conor McGregor criticized after calling another fighter “a fa*got”

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Conor McGregor is facing sharp criticism after calling another fighter “a faggot.”

On October 21st, the Irish pro boxer (and reigning UFC Lightweight champ) was chatting with Artem Lobov following a fight with Andre Fili.

To console Lobov after his loss, McGregor said, “He [Fili] was a faggot.”

“And everyone knew he was a faggot and I was calling him a faggot.”

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The video was uploaded to the official UFC Twitter account but taken down after the backlash.

That didn’t stop others from reposting it, however:

“There’s no need to use words like that,” Fili told MMA Fighting. 

“You don’t need to demean other people to make yourself seem bigger.

Whenever you hear someone use that word or call someone a ‘bitch,’ that makes you look so insecure.”

Other fans expressed outrage upon learning that a working-class Irish boxer would ever use such filthy language: