Boxer-Politician Manny Pacquiao Takes More Jabs At Gays, Floyd Mayweather

Boxer Manny Pacquiao, who made headlines last month when he spoke out against homosexuality in an interview,  chatted with USA Today ahead of his World Welterweight Championship bout with Timothy Bradley on Saturday.

Regarding marriage equality, Pacquiao—who is a congressman in his native Philippines—said, “I don’t support gay marriage. I do not agree with that, but I am not condemning gay people … but what I oppose is the sin they commit.”

Okay, so that’s like us saying we don’t condemn Filipinos, we just condemn the sin the commit by existing.

Apparently Pacquiao also thinks it’s God’s will he beat the snot out of rival Floyd Mayweather:  “My kid, he said ‘Daddy, I want you to retire soon but before you retire I have one request—fight Mayweather and beat him.’”


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  • christopher di crapito

    Guess who got punched in the head too many times?

  • Terry

    As a filipino, I’m ashamed to say I used to like this guy. Now I wish someone like Mayweather would shut him up. Or maybe George St. Pierre. Or maybe a Navy Seal.

  • Cam

    So attacking and beating others is ok in spite of Christ saying to turn the other cheeck.

    Oh wait, thats right, the ONLY time any of these religious types actually pay any attention to their religion is when it supports the bigotry they already have.

  • Frank

    Next thing….stolen pics of Manny will surface…showing him in fishnet stockings and a dildo up his bum

  • foulmouthgandhi

    I cannot wait until the theocratic morons & their hateful and dim dialogue are pushed so far back in the political and social narrative that its about as audible as a flea… it’s about as relevant.

  • Houston Bill

    Isn’t he cheating on his wife right now.

  • Kev C

    Real men aren’t threatened by gays marrying.

  • Hephaestion

    What a dick. He is ignorant and refuses to learn better. That’s a horrible quality in a politician.

  • SteveC

    Is Nike still sponsoring this moron?

    I think Nike should dump him.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Houston Bill:

    Yes he is, and no journalist has the balls to call him out on that.

  • Schlukitz

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    And it’s not likely likely that any journalists in the Philippines will call him out, because of the “saving face” courtesy afforded to other Filipinos.

    In the Philippines, it is considered highly rude to back someone into a corner and leave them no avenue of escape.

    Odd, I know. But that’s the way it is in that society. I live there, so I speak from experience.

  • Ms.Mae

    @Terry: As a gay man, of course I’m upset by his remarks–I don’t agree with them and I don’t think he should be speaking on issues he’s admitted not knowing very much about (he stated in an interview he hasn’t actually read Leviticus)
    However, as a Filipino–I’m baffled by anyone who didn’t see this coming. Sure, no one loves Abba music more than a gay man than Filipinos, but the Philippines is still a Catholic/Islamic country. And especially considering that Pacquiao is from the Southern Provinces of Mindanao, how could I expect him to be anything other than against gay rights.
    Furthermore, as a Filipino I cannot disregard the good he has accomplished for our country. When he fights there are NO crimes committed in the Philippines; even the terrorists in Mindanao agree to halt their activities in salute to him. That kind of credibility overrules his opinions which don’t even count here in America.
    Lastly–GSP is a UCF fighter, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still the #1 most hated man in sports. He’s been known to throw homophobic slurs like they’re candy to children–the only reason why he allegedly backs gay rights now is to win some points with the African-American community after a journalist stated: “he makes me ashamed to be black” for tweeting a picture of himself swimming in thousands of dollars that he was betting on himself for a fight.
    Sure–he says he’s for gay marriage now, but that doesn’t erase the fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still the douchiest person in sports.
    I’m not proud of Pacquiao right now, but I still support him as a fighter.

  • Ms.Mae

    Unless he’s fighting MIguel Cotto–cause Cotto is DAMN fine :)

  • Schlukitz


    Mabuhay! :)

    As a gay man of German extraction who has been living in the Philippines on an off for the past ten years, I was hoping that a native Filipino would spot this article and comment about it from their point of view.

    And as a guest of the Philippines, I would be loathe to make derogatory comments about someone who is regarded as somewhat as a national hero by his compatriots.

    As the old expression goes, there is good in the worst of us and there is bad in the best of us. I can see Mr. Pacquiaos good points as well as his bad points. Sad that a man of his political and social influence does not choose to use his esteemed position to eliminate bigotry and hatred whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

    That said, I appreciate your stepping forward and sharing your thoughts from a Filipino point of view with the rest of us.

    Salamat po.

  • 1equalityUSA

    catholic tool, zero respect for her.

  • Schlukitz


    My Philippine partner feels much the same way as you do.

  • Mangina

    I too am Filipino and believes Manny should stick to boxing and stay out of politics. The man is clearly uneducated and does not think before he speaks. Sure he has millions to throw around his charities but he is last person talk about morals especially since he’s cheated on his wife and probably has a few other skeletons he doesn’t want to be revealed.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Numbnuts said, “Some of my best friends are gay.” What low self-esteemed person would be friends with a dork that sees them as unequal and deserving discrimination? With friends like this, who needs enemas? It’s so offensive.

  • Schlukitz


    Point well made. It’s right up there with the equally, deeply offensive comment that, “Some of my best friends are black.”

    I loved your double-entendre about enemas as opposed to enemies. Manny sure could use one. LOL

  • Rich

    Glad to report that he was defeated in the ring tonight. Now sashay away.

  • OrnaMint

    The ignorant boxer lost tonight. Looks like his homophobe god didnt help him.

  • adam

    boxers can stun one another into oblivion as far as i care, but for now on, if i’m cheering at all, it’s for whoever is fighting phobic manny.

    manny: long walk, short pier, won’t miss, fuck off.

  • w.e.

    you lost, loser!
    Mo nawala. Ngayon umalis.

  • 1equalityUSA

    I’m ashamed to admit this, but I really was hoping this f__ktard would lose. I didn’t even know about him until about a month ago and now I’m rooting for the other boxer. His hatred of us (and yes, if we are seen as unworthy of equal rights, he hates us, no matter how many gay friends he says he has) brought out the worst in me. Can’t say I won’t wish loserdom on him again for the next fight. Can’t wait until photos emerge, fishnets and all. Hates begets extreme dislike. Maybe he will have the time to actually read the Bible from which he forms his illiterate opinions, instead of being a Catholic lemming and parroting whatever is being spoon-fed to him by locals. (Not my best moment. Sorry. Hate does this to me.) I have to go to work now, so that I can pay taxes to a government that discriminates against me. Taxation without representation is tyranny. He’s a loser in more ways than one and it feels as though it is justice for the harm he causes our community. If Timmy Lincecum ever pulls this B.S. I’m destroying all of my baseball cards.

  • Houston Bill

    @OrnaMint: +1000. I guess he was too busy hatin’ on Gay people and cheating on his wife to train for the bout.

  • Baba Booey

    He loves talking about gays.

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