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Boxer Ricardo Mayorga Promises To Knock Out ‘Half-Gay’ Opponent In 4 Rounds

Ricardo Mayorga, the Nicaraguan boxer (pictured), is following in the awful footsteps of UFC fighter Michael Bisping, who uses anti-gay taunts to attack his challenger (and fuel his fans). Facing off against Puerto Rican challenger Miguel Cotto on Saturday in Las Vegas, Mayorga told reporters, “I’m speaking truth. Cotto is afraid of me. He’s in terror and should be sorry for having signed a contract to fight me. The Puerto Ricans are with me and I think Cotto is half-gay. Personally, he annoys me. I do not like him as the boxer and I am going to remove him of the boxing. I’m going to retire him by knocking him out in four rounds.” I never watch boxing. But I definitely know who I’m hoping gets a TKO this weekend. (NB: It seems most reporters aren’t willing to repeat Mayorga’s claims, instead saying, “Mayorga said Tuesday afternoon that both Miguel Cotto and his trainer Emanuel Steward are clowns and failures.” Well that’s one way to rewrite his remarks.)