Boy, Do We Have a New Musical Show For You!

E! gossip gay Marc Malkin says Fox’s new show Glee, premiering May 19, “could be the next gayest show on television.” Could he be right? Premise: A Spanish teacher heads up a high school glee club, which attracts even the hottie high school quarterback. Created by: Nip/Tuck‘s Ryan Murphy. Starring: Jane Lynch and Cory Monteith (from Kyle XY). Stereotypes: Pretty damsel, hot jock, diva black girl, nerdy disabled kid. Even without Zac Efron, this is definitely the next gayest show on television. Next page: Behind the scenes look at the show.

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  • AJ

    Fox will probably kill it.

  • Ceci

    Uhm. I’m excited for this :)
    Hope my roommates don’t mind :-D

  • Tom in COS


    Fox may *try* to kill this, but fail horribly. Or at least I hope so.

  • ML

    Can’t wait! I was a huge fan of Murphy’s Popular.

  • David

    I saw the trailer for this a couple weeks back and I am VERY excited for it, and so are a lot of people that I know. It could be big, I also hope that Fox doesn’t find a way to kill it.

  • alejandro

    christ. i hope fox doesnt kill it :S:S but u never know with fox..

  • JB

    I did not work on this show in any capacity, so I say the following without any bias: I have seen the pilot (four times), it is brilliant, and it probably have you in tears by the end. The series can’t come soon enough!

  • J. Clarence

    This show looks adorable. I can’t wait to watch it. I’m kind of surprised it’s on Fox. It seems more in line with ABC.

    I don’t see this living beyond a season though.

  • rick

    Jane Lynch! damn i might have to watch fox on a night other than sunday.

  • rick

    i miss oliver beene and parker lewis can’t lose. fox once upon a time used to put on actual interesting shows.

  • scott ny'er

    to me, it’s not the next gayest show, unless there is actually someone who is GAY in it. No ‘mos, not gay. And in the extended trailer, I didn’t see a MO. Maybe the Asian chick but not really.

    Besides that little fact, it looks really good. Except, the jock dude, he doesn’t have a super voice unlike the black chick and the white chick.

  • Ryan

    I know this is a formula that has been done before — i mean, it was the whole premise of high school musical. but i think thats just why it might work.

    i for one, cannot wait for it.

  • mike a

    This just seems more like a movie than a television show.

  • rogue dandelion

    OMG that is my last day of finals! I can’t wait!!!
    @Ryan: it seems to highschool musical but funny and made for adults.
    @scott ny’er: one of those kids is a drama ‘mo, you know the one who ask “is she gonna diva out at every rehearsal?”

  • jbw


    I cannot wait.

  • Tony

    The Poor man’s FAME.

  • Jon B

    @Tony: Oh Please… from that extended trailer, there is nothing “Poor man” about this. Spring Awakening’s Leah Michele, JANE LYNCH, a kid in a wheel chair, campy musical numbers! CANT WAIT!

  • Jon B

    Ummm… plus apparently recurring guest stars will include Cheyenne Jackson, Victor Garber, and Kristin Chenoweth!

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