Accidentally Signs Away £36,000

Boy George Can’t Win

Scandal prone Boy George better learn to read before he writes! What started as a simple autograph turned into a very expensive agreement:

The gay entertainer was on the decks [at a nightclub] at 3am amid hundreds of revelers, when a lurking solicitor sidled up to the DJ stand.

Amid the writhing bodies and pumping music the lawyer, disguised as a clubber, handed the pop star a piece of paper. Thinking it was an autograph-hunting fan, the DJ duly obliged with a quick signature – which will now cost him £36,000 [about $73,872] – the cash he owes after being sued by a club promoter.

That promoter, Kasia Saleh, filed a lawsuit against George after he ditched a pre-paid gig to deal with his coke-related woes.

George, who also faces charges for imprisoning a Norwegian whore, must either pay Saleh the money or declare bankruptcy. The singer didn’t have any comment, but one witness describes him as “gobsmacked,” which is exactly what it sounds like.