Boy George Is Outta Luck: Sued Over Canceled Party Appearance

Boy George

Earlier this week we told you about Boy George striking a deal with prosecutors over cocaine possession charges. Rather than serve jail time, he’d serve the community. (He’s picking up trash, we’ve since learned.) But George’s string of bad luck doesn’t end there. Now he’s on the receiving end of a lawsuit from South Florida AIDS organization Care Resource, who claim the tired pop star canceled on a November 2005 White Party appearance and never returned the $8,400 deposit.

Care Resource, the South Florida AIDS group, signed a contract June 6, 2005, with Red Parrot, Boy George’s booking company, for him to serve as celebrity guest D.J. at the annual White Party, the AIDS agency’s largest fundraiser, said Terry DeCarlo, a spokesperson for the agency. The total cost for the appearance was $12,000, DeCarlo said.

On Aug. 4, 2005, Care Resource wired $8,400 to Red Parrot as a deposit for George’s DJ services, DeCarlo said.

Boy George, whose real name is George O’Dowd, was arrested in New York City on Oct. 7, 2005, and charged with suspicion of drug possession and filing a false police report. He canceled the White Party engagement three weeks before the event was held in November 2005, DeCarlo said. But the $8,400 deposit money still has not been returned, DeCarlo said.

But isn’t the real crime that Boy George’s quote is only $12,000?

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