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Boy George Is Reviewing Hotel Thread Counts Now

I honestly don’t know what to think about Boy George‘s latest career move, becoming a blogger for Paper magazine. Or, more appropriately, the magazine’s hotel room correspondent.

The sometimes-pop star will be “writing about anything and everything,” we’re assured. And to kick things off, hotel amenities? Sure why not.

When you travel as much as I do, the comfort of a bed or quality of the pillows are deal-breakers (I like a hard pillow myself.). That said, I couldn’t tell you if my bed at the Hillscourt Conference Centre, where I’m staying while I attend my cousin Vanessa’s wedding to her fiance Dave, was comfortable or not because I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I’ve been poorly the past few days, dehydration or some minor bug, and have been sleeping for queen and country. Hence my restlessness. But, hey, I’m here for two nights and might yet rave about the splendor of the bed.

The Hillscourt isn’t really a proper hotel even if it does have some rooms. Last night in the bar I tried to order a coffee and was told by the waitress, “sorry love, the machine’s broken.” I was waiting for a “but if you don’t mind instant, I’ll pop the kettle on,” but not a chance. When I requested a bottled water, she looked at me as if I had grown an extra head and pointed me towards a water fountain. In retrospect this was quite thrifty, but what I wanted was a coffee.

B.G. goes on to describe what he watched on television that night. Sadly, it was not this.