Boy George Says He’s Not Known As A Homosexual In Russia

boy-george-650I’ve been there since then a lot but not recently. I haven’t been invited. And from what I’ve been told, I’m not known in Russia as a homosexual — that’s not how I’m seen. I mean, I am obviously [laughs.] But I’ve been there many times — I’ve walked across Red Square dressed as Leigh Bowery and no one bothered me! I think the bottom line in places like Russia is very simple: they cannot deal with the politicization of gay culture. They know that there are gay people in Russia — there’s always been gay people in Russia. And there have been gay clubs in Russia for many, many years. But it seemed to kick off around the time that they wanted to have a Gay Pride in Moscow, that seems to be when it really turned. And they’re not ready for it! They’re not mature enough or developed enough to embrace the idea that gay people can be more than what they do in bed. It’s as simple as that but remember — it wasn’t that long ago that here in America or in the UK that you could be sent to prison for being gay. It wasn’t that long ago.”


Influential entertainer Boy George in a comprehensive new interview with Huffington Post’s Noah Michelson to promote his new album This Is What I Do