Boy George Will Not Be Someone’s Bitch


At least not in prison. The former Culture Club lead singer and now tabloid train wreck, Boy George, cut a plea deal with Manhattan prosecutors over his recent cocaine bust charges. He got off with a $1,000 fine, a week of community service and some rehab.

As part of the plea agreement, the Manhattan District Attorney dropped the more serious drug-possession charges, which could have landed the former Culture Club crooner up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Judge Anthony Ferrara said the entertainer, whose real name is Gorge O’Dowd, to undergo his rehab at a clinic in his native England.

“I am relieved and happy that this case has been disposed of, and would like to thank the judge, the district attorney and my attorney, Lou Freeman, for the fair and speedy way it was dealt with,” the singer said in a statement issued through his manager. “I love New York, and am looking forward to coming back and working in the States later this year.”

Read: New York has the best cocaine and there’s no way I’m not coming back. Also, if any readers happen to spot Boy George, hopefully wearing an orange jumpsuit doing community service by cleaning up crack vials in Central Park, you know where to send the pics.

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