Scout's Honor

Boy Scouts Agrees To Reexamine No-Gays Policy

Well, at least the Boy Scouts of America will consider lifting its ban on adult leaders who are gay, although no policy revision is expected anytime soon. According to the Associated Press:

The resolution was submitted by a Scout leader from the Northeast in April and presented last week at the Scouts’ national meeting in Orlando, Fla., according to BSA spokesman Deron Smith.

Smith said Wednesday it would be referred to a subcommittee, which will then make a recommendation to the national executive board. The process would likely be completed by May 2013, according to Smith, who said there were no plans at this time to change the policy.

It’s a step up from a couple weeks ago, when Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock told the AP that the BSA had “no plans to revisit the Scouts’ policy of not allowing gays.” Although, to immediately quality it with “nothing’s gonna change” isn’t reassuring.

This follows on the heels of a petition presented last week at the national convention by Eagle Scout Zach Wahls, which had more than 280,000 signatures protesting the ousting of lesbian mom Jennifer Tyrrell as a den mother.

Regarding the group’s response to yesterday’s resolution, Wahls said, “Up to the day they end this policy, they’ll be saying they have no plans to do so. But there’s no question it’s costing the Boy Scouts in terms of membership and public support.”

That’s a scout who’s kept his honor.