Boy Scouts Make up Reason To Ax Gay Scoutmaster

Weird-Mental-Book-Covers-scouts-in-bondage-2Well, probably no one is surprised to learn that the Boy Scouts are continuing to be jerks about LGBTs.

We held out a little bit of hope after the organization grudgingly allowed gay kids to join. It was one step forward, even while they took a step back by banning gay adults. It’s a policy that makes absolutely no sense, a failed compromise that sends the message, “hey gay kids! You’re just fine, until you turn 18, at which point you become a monster that no one could love.”

And now the Scouts have kicked out a beloved Scoutmaster after someone noticed that he’s gay. Good work Scouts. You’re really making the world a better place.

The guy in question is Geoff McGrath, and he could not be a more media-ready example of exemplary gay scouting. The kids love him. He’s a former scout himself. He was recruited by his church to lead a new unit. He’s just super-nice all around.

The Scouts, for their part, lied and made up a reason to kick him out. Council leader Sharon Moulds has set a miserable example for the kids by making up that McGrath had “intentions to make a public statement about his orientation and use our program as a means to further a personal agenda.” That’s obvious nonsense. McGrath wasn’t using the program to further a personal agenda. He was using the program to mentor young kids, teach them skills and help them socialize with their peers. That’s pretty much the extent of his personal agenda.

Of course, the real reason he was kicked out was because the monsters who continue to run Scouting can’t bear to see a happy, successful, beloved gay man doing anything. This horseshit about “personal agenda” is simply code for “he was making us confront our wrongly-held prejudices, and that made us uncomfortable.”

If there’s a silver lining to this, it might be that the Scouts are being so obtuse and villainous that they are prime targets for The Colbert Report to make fun of them in some way, so hopefully we’ll at least get a funny segment out of the whole debacle. What a world.