Boy Scouts’ “Perversion Files” Contain Records On Pedophiles And Homosexuals

The Boy Scouts of America claims its “ineligible volunteer files” – otherwise known as the “perversion files” – were “maintained to keep out individuals whose actions are inconsistent with the standards of Scouting,” which includes not only pedophiles but homosexuals as well.

King 5 News waded through 50 files and found that 48 contain records about suspected child molestation whereas the other two only documented sexual orientation:

Ellensburg case

One file is about a scoutmaster form Ellensburg who was ousted from Scouting in 1974 after the organization had collected evidence he was gay. A memorandum from a Scout Executive in Yakima to the organization’s Registration and Subscription Executive at BSA headquarters in Texas explains they’d “become aware of a suspected moral problem” with (the Scout leader). The Yakima executive received information that the man had previously been discharged as a Scouting camp counselor “on suspicion of homosexuality.” The Scouts continued to build their case in the file by obtaining “proof” of their suspicion. The record is a four page letter handwritten by the scoutmaster where he confides to a friend, “Yes, I am gay (homosexual)”. It’s unclear from the file how BSA obtained the letter. The following month BSA leaders in Texas completed their file with a lifetime ban on the scoutmaster. Their “Confidential Record Sheet” lists one reason for the move: “homosexuality”.

Seattle case

In 1990 a Chapter Chief from Seattle was removed from the Scouting program for being gay. The Scouts launched an investigation and created a file on the man after a parent wrote to complain the leader was “effeminate”. The parent was concerned the Chapter Chief was “exerting influence over impressionable boys”. The Scout Executive of the Chief Seattle Council, Dean Lollar, requested written proof of the man’s sexual orientation from a Chapter adviser who had befriended the suspected gay leader. The friend documented a conversation with the Chapter Chief in which he stated “I am gay. In no way have I or will I ever force myself on any Scouts or Scouters that I work with. The Boy Scouts have done so many wonderful things for me and have given me purpose and goals to work for. I couldn’t think of ever doing something the Boy Scouts would be upset with.”

The Scouts were upset. They removed the man from the organization a month after receiving the written account of his admission. Scout Executive Lollar sent a letter announcing their decision to the Chapter Chief:

“After careful review, we have decided that your registration with the Boy Scouts of America should be denied. We are therefore compelled to request that you sever any relations that you may have with the Boy Scouts of America. A refund of your registration fee is enclosed. You should understand that BSA membership registration is a privilege and is not automatically granted to everyone who applies. We reserve the right to refuse registration whenever there is a concern that an individual may not meet the high standards of membership which the BSA seeks to provide for American youth.”

According to BSA Director of Communications, Deron Smith, the “perversion files” serve as a “list of people who do not meet BSA’s standards because of various types of alleged or proven inappropriate conduct either inside or outside Scouting, including – but not limited to – theft, substance abuse, immoral conduct, criminal convictions, or known or suspected child abuse.”

Though the Boy Scouts of America have come under mass scrutiny and lost major donors due its exclusionary and discriminatory practices towards LGBT people, the organization nevertheless reaffirmed its ban on gays in July.

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  • 2eo

    There is no correlation between Homosexuality and Paedophilia. The fact these right wing mentalists keep perpetuating this ridiculous myth is another sign they are dying out.

    Why is it nearly all people convicted for child rape have connections to right wing parties and groups?

  • burtsfield

    This is really sad. I was active in the Boy Scouts when my kids were teenagers. I was out and it was no issue to anyone. They were just grateful to have an adult who was willing to sleep in a tent.

    After the national statement this summer, I told my local council I could no longer donate to their organization. It is just tragic that the good work done by so many locally is corrupted by the national organization

  • LubbockGayMale

    I just grin and go on, whenever there’s a story about gays and BSA. My first sex occurred in the scouts during camp-outs, and my troop was full of guys willing to give and get, if you know what I mean. I never was approached by an adult, but my troop mates were a horny bunch, most of whom eventually married, fathered kids, etc.

  • mpwaite

    The BSA are the most hypocritical organization around. I live in Dallas and I personally know two men that work in the corporate officeof the BSA that are gay. They are closeted, however, they are in high positions in the organization are they are not “BUTCH”… I would never out them, but I just don’t understand how they can continue to work for such a bigoted organization….

  • Tessie Tura

    Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, was a known pedophile. Google him.

  • Tommysole

    How about the straight assistant scout master that molested me, because his wife wouldn’t give him anal or oral?
    Or the scouts that fooled around in the tents and showers after the lanterns were turned low and tent flaps closed.
    Or the one dad that had an annoying habit of watching the boys as they showered? and made sure they they were clean…………………….inside and out?!

    They have the audacity to throw a leader out that is gay? and all those other jerks I mentioned were supposedly straight?

  • Guillermo3

    @2eo: 2eo,I wish that you’re idea
    that the myths of Homosexuality=Pederasty,and child rape are
    dying out were true,but frequently see/hear evidence that they are
    not.Sadly,equally still present are the myths that one can “catch”
    our orientation by contact with gays,that sexual orientation is
    a choice,that gays are out to convert,or rape straights,and that
    Homosexuality can be “cured” by psychotherapy,or
    by “conversion” therapies.Obviously it can’t.Those I’ve known who
    thought they’d successfully “converted” lead miserable,dishonest
    lives,constantly lying to themselves and to anyone whom they suspect
    is not convinced.
    I don’t know whether you’re correct about right-wingers being
    closet cases,but it wouldn’t surprise me__No more than the
    too-frequent homo-haters who spend so much time on this site,
    spewing their venom.Many of these seem to be relieving their self-hatred
    by displacing it on other faggots.
    Ironically,like MANY OTHER GUYS,the BSA was where I first experienced
    homosexual activities.
    Equally ironic:Here in Philadelphia,the BSA of s.eastern PA is being
    battling the city over eviction from their rent/tax-free headquarters
    brought on by their defiance of the city’s anti-discrimination laws.

  • Guillermo3

    @LubbockGayMale: Ain’t it the
    truth,LubbockGayMale !! The scouts was were most of us,gay,or just
    going through normal,horny adolescence first experienced
    homosexual activities.

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