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Boy writes letter to Santa to ask whether “God loves me for being gay”

A boy writes a letter to Santa
Posed by a model (Photo: Shutterstock)

A young boy has written a letter to Santa expressing concern that God might not love him for being gay.

The boy, named Will, addressed the letter to the North Pole. Each year, the USPS intercepts letters sent to Santa and publishes some of them online as part of its Operation Santa project. It’s a tradition dating back to 1912. This enables companies, organizations or individuals to sponsor letters and respond to them.

The boy writes: ‘Dear Santa, do you support the LGBTQ community and if you can speak to God, can you tell him I love him, and if he loves me for being gay[?]

‘Thank you, Love, Will.’

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Twitter user Nancy Cruz-Garcia spotted Will’s letter on the site and shared it to Twitter. It has had almost 200k likes since being posted on Sunday.

“This letter to Santa broke my heart,” said Cruz-Garcia, following it up with another tweet saying, “Ima cry reading all these letters. Kids are so precious. I can’t.”

Sadly, the letter has prompted several homophobic responses.

Others were more supportive.

Some pointed out that young children are often asked if they have a crush on the opposite sex – so why is it so hard to understand that some may have same-sex feelings?

Some sought to reassure Will and other young LGBTQ people that God loves them.

Others have been expressing sympathy with many of the other letters shared by children. Some are coping with parents who have a serious illness or no money to pay bills, let alone for presents.

To read more of the letters, check the USPS Operation Santa website. December 4 is the day you can start adopting letters.

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