Boyd K. Packer A No Show At Salt Lake City’s Group Cuddle Party In Front of Mormon Church

Thousands joined the fun last night in Salt Lake City outside Temple Square, headquarters of the LDS Church, protesting the church’s second-in-command Boyd K. Packer’s latest round of rhetoric where he called homosexuality a choice and railed against same-sex marriage. (This guy also wants to keep the races separated.) Participants lied flat on their backs, forming a circle around the grounds.

The Mormon Church took notice: At the end of the rally spokesman Scott Trotter released a statement saying the church supported the participants’ right to voice their concerns in public. But: “Those familiar with the Church’s doctrine on the importance of marriage and family know it is based on principles of respect and love for all of God’s children. We have continually emphasized that there is no room in this discussion for hatred or mistreatment of anyone.”

So that’s a different story from last year, when two guys kissing near the Mormon Church caused a security melee.

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  • jon

    So no room for hate? Great job LDS prove it and stop hating.

  • Kent Peterson

    The Mormon church (cult) has the nerve to say that they love truth, when they spew lies, and that we must respect each other, in a spirit of love. I call BULLSHIT. They are nothing more than a legalized HATE group. This makes me ill, when gay youth are killing themselves left and right based on the crap spewing out of these bigots mouths – calling them immoral, wicked and evil – and then saying that we must repect them and their beliefs. I all too well remember what it was like sitting in church as a scared young, closeted Mormon gay person, and listening to this kind of hate talk, which was used to instill fear and unworthiness in me and similar gay people. I am lucky that I did not take it as seriously as the thousands of young Mormon gay people who have KILLED THEMSELVES! Sorry, just because you are “religious” does not mean that we in the land of rationality can’t take a good look at your delusional beliefs and call you on them. Love means accepting everyone UNCONDITIONALLY for who they are – not trying to change them – not calling them evil and wicked. The only ones in this case and all cases who are evil and wicked are the Mormons – who have the blood of untold thousands of gay people who have killed themselves on their hands. That is the anti-thesis of being “Christ-like” or loving to their own children.

    They say that they can’t change their views. What LIARS – they changed their views over polygamy (when the government threatened to shut their ass down) and over black people, when it became inconvenient for them to keep them out of the priesthood based on bad publicity. Mormons are first and foremost a BUSINESS and always seem have “revelations” of convenience when it suits them and their missionary purposes to keep the sheeple coming in with their 10% gross tithes every pay day. What a scam.

    Sorry for the rant – but I am boiling mad that after all of the recent spate of young GAY SUIDICES, caused by this kind of hate talk – the Mormons just keep it going – not satisfied with taking people’s civil rights away in California and Hawaii – and being the behind the scenes funders of the National Organization for Marriage, they are the chief hate mongerors keeping a steady stream of gay Mormon youth killing themselves. This is why UTAH has the highest youth suicide in the nation. That is dispicable for a church that says they are all about the FAMILY and love.

    Keep the protests going to shine the light on the crimes of this church. I wish I was there to support you.

    Best regards,

  • Cam

    So now wait a second, were they promoting LOVE when they were advocating the separation of the races and excluding blacks from being participating members of their church?

    Were they promoting love when they gave electro shock aversion therepy to gay people at BYU to try to turn them straight?

  • Soupy

    I wish that we could hear Packer’s answers to the questions posed above.

  • bob

    you guys are all a bunch of whiney fags, all religions have different beliefs, the LDS church can believe what they want to just like homosexuals can be gay if they want to. As far as the law against gay marriage in certain states goes, it’s not the church’s decision it’s the government and the peoples.

  • customartist

    Bob you are completely misinformed here.

    The Church heacily funded the Political Initiative of Prop 8 WITH their Tax Free Money. THIS is a no-no.

    Also when Parents endanger the health of their children, social services comes in and takes tem away, and they take action against the Parents in the “best interest of the child”.

    Religious Organizations have Freesdom of Speech, However,… When a Religious Organization endangers the safety and/or lives of Children by means of their heated and prolific Sermons of Condemnation, then I say that this crosses over the line and the bast interest of the children then becomes paramount, as is evidenced by this months exposure of the proceeds of their hate speeches. This must end.

  • B

    No 3: “Were they promoting love when they gave electro shock aversion therepy to gay people at BYU to try to turn them straight?”

    Well, the LDS people could set up a booth at next year’s Folsom Street Fare, for those with a “make-me-straight, electroshock” fetish. They can pick up the necessary hardware at a nearby ‘leather’ store.


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