Boyfriend bursts into tears as partner asks him to marry in viral video

Men's wedding proposal goes viral
(Photos: TikTok)

A man’s wedding proposal has gone viral after being shared to social media this week. The clip, posted to Tik Tok, shows Cody L. Boykin dropping to one knee to propose to his partner, Brandon Moss. Overcome with emotion, Moss sheds tears of joy when he realizes what is happening.

@codyl.boykinThe day I asked my best friend to marry me! ##FYP ##Pride ##LGBT ##enGAYged ##HeSaidYes ##HappilyEverMoss ##ItMossBeLove ##ForYouPage♬ original sound – codyl.boykin

It also went viral on Twitter. It has prompted thousands of likes and comments, with most praising its sweetness and wholesomeness. As Moss takes a few moments to compose himself and say ‘yes’, others say they were waiting anxiously for his response and feared he might decline.

According to their page on wedding gift registry The Knot, the men say they met online after connecting on Instagram in December 2017. They can’t agree on who sent the first message, but a regular exchange soon began.

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They continued to talk frequently over 2018. Then, in March 2019, Cody received a phone call at 4am on a Sunday morning.

“Brandon called to ask Cody if he would come see him in Virginia. Being skeptical, Cody was unsure if this was serious but decided to get in his car and drive to Lynchburg, Virginia that very moment. Cody arrived at Brandon’s at 7.30am that Sunday morning and met Brandon for the very first time face to face. Unlike most encounters, there wasn’t one bit of nervousness or awkwardness. Cody and Brandon literally fell in love at first sight.”

Since that time, the two men have been in a long-distance relationship. Both knew quickly they’d met someone they didn’t want to live without. The proposal took place August 17, 2019, but has gone viral after being shared this week at the end of Pride Month in the U.S.

The two men are planning to marry in October in Elizabethtown, North Carolina, and will live in Raleigh, NC, where Cody practices law.

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Cody followed up the proposal video with a second one highlighting some of his and Brandon’s official engagement photos.

@codyl.boykinA couple of pictures from our engagement session! ##FYP ##HeSaidYes ##ItMossBeLove ##enGAYged ##Pride ##LGBT♬ When I Said I Do – Knightsbridge

Congratulations, guys!