bonds of brotherhood

Boyfriend twins fight back after Twitter trolls attack them for looking alike

Boyfriend twins having a pillow fight

The bond of brotherhood is strong.

Twitter user heycnyn recently shared a picture of himself and his boyfriend snuggled up in bed together, writing: “hi lemme introduce you to my adventure buddy, best friend, lover, and everything else.”

He followed that up with a second tweet, letting his nearly 20K followers know they had merged their Instagram accounts together and that he was “so excited to see where things go.”

But many people on Twitter couldn’t seem to get past the boys’ uncanny resemblances to one another.

Check out some of their responses…

But it didn’t stop there…

But apparently heycnyn didn’t see the humor in any of it, because he later tweeted: “I’m honestly tired of being dragged for being in love. We’ve been through hell for being gay and now this FROM gays”.

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